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world is built around Him He's the life in my lines
I refused to waste my life
He's too true to chase that ice
Here's my gifts and time 'cause I'm
and closing your eyes

I just want to show you the way
Want to stop you feeling this way
What are you doing, feeling a waste of time

Don't have too much
One sign
I'll be back on beyond for your life
I'll give you my heart and my mind
But I do not waste so time

One sign
If you want I can work
I'm going to cry
I live and die
I search and find
I waste my time
I blame my loss
When I drag my cross
I reach my ???
I see disgust
Gotta hold
Colt Ford and Nappy Roots so you know we gonna waste some time

I've been told I need to focus on my life
Work a little harder, do my part, start livin

Zeno's Arrow never hits the mark
Its always hanging there over its shadow
Safe from battle, waste of arch-
Er's time and trouble
Now a new look in my eyes my spirit rise
Forget the past
Present tense works and lasts
Got shit on
Pissed on
Spit on
Stepped on
Fucked with
Down by the lake
Where the seagulls play
What a way
To waste his days 
Who is to blame?
Have I been framed
Who is to blame
Have I been framed
of society to maul

Spend your life pushing and shoving to climb to the top but you're held by a thread
All the work you've don't goes to waste because in
ragged old men drinking wine trying to drown rejection 
I've been wasting too much time, I'm going to lose my 
mind unless, Lord Jesus 
my own damn plan

What a waste of time
What a waste of words
What a waste of breath
Well, I spoke it by now
You broke your thought
You meant for
Now a new look in my eyes my spirit rise 
Forget the past 
Present tense works and lasts 
Got shit on 
Pissed on 
Spit on 
Stepped on 
river by moonlight
And never were heard from again

If I had my live to live over
I'd have gone to work that day
Instead of going into town
Da da da da
Once upon a time for the minute by the shape of the hour
The unify finds divide in the power you
He talk us in and work us way in
smell on you is perfume

Don't waste your time
With your lines
They don't work on me no more

You got no right
To let me down this way
You got no right
cannot deny
If I stay I'll be killed by the dreams on my mind."

How many years must I waste in these black times
How many years must I waste

Today I
to ease our bind
For only hard work through time
Can change men's minds, I know
If we make some small changes now
We'll heal ourselves, some way, some
a place where the nights are hot
Where nature's children dance and set a chance
On this Mother Earth, which is our rock

The time has come and work for
fixed my crownAnd as I slept, he filled my mouth with ironHe said "Rinse out your mouth, with the medication spit it outIn the receptacle by your side,
get to work, and his barrel full of sand, proud to head into the day,
His father’s right hand man.

Little men, growing up so fast.
Little men, wish

So, my father grew up stronger
Bigger dreams and bigger plans
The first to go to college
But he can still work hard with his two hands
Thanks to his
You've got to make sure
It's the right night
And moonlight
(Loving is better with love every time)

The right night
By the ocean side

The right
I haven't met a locked door yet
That I couldn't beat
On a chain around my neck
I keep my skeleton key

Don't waste your worry on me
for tat
When we could be hard at work building a trust
Oh we should only have time for love

So tell me what can be gained by fussing
to work, 
But they can't teach me how to shirk correctly. 

I spend all day, 
And all my allowance on T.V. games. 
Amusement heaven at the flick