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And live in the street with rank
No better picture to paint than me walking from bible study
And called his homies because he had said he noticed my face
a sunburn
Wakes me up from a deep sleep

I parked on the street out in front of St. Mary's
I watched people leave, from the mass in the evening
With my
confessing one mo' lesson from the South we in the house tonight
Now hootie who wants to oppose? Suppose
We rolls through Headland and Delowe
Where me
someone there's where Christ was born 
I wonder if he looked like our baby looked on that first morn 

And then I really felt the Christmas spirit 
like Liberty Bells yes them bullets keep on rangin 
On fire like the Georgia mass choir we keep on sangin 
Bringin our folks closer together cause they
A mass of people movin' here and there I wandered where 
On every face at every place was hurry up I'm late 
But a kind old man at a chestnut
He was just and old country doctor in a small Georgia town
Fame and fortune had passed him by but we never saw him frown
As day by day in his kindly
[Genius] Tell Me Where I Am
Tell Me Who You Are
[Doorkeeper] You Are Welcome, Don't Worry
[Doorkeeper Choir] This Is The Right Place
Taught me how to bait a crawfish basket
From the time I was old enough to walk
He had me running down squirrels and rabbits

I feel right at home in

[Mr. Niko & Main Choir] My Dear Son
[Mr. Niko]
Where Are You Now ?
They Took You Away With No Reasons
And Where Is The Prince ?
I Know That
From Tears !
Where The World Is Real
Far Away From Here !

He Was Reclused In Our Secret Prisons
Tell Me How He Has Escaped !
I Want Some
the doctor of psychiatry
Weapons of mass instruction finally broke me
He said "Act your age, don't be afraid, take two of these.
Now listen real hard, put down
I'm just a sweet transvestite
From Transsexual, Transylvania

Let me show you around, maybe play you a sound
You look like you're both pretty groovy
By horse, by rail, by land, by sea, our journey starts
Two men incensed by one man's journey from the past
In Iceland, where the mountain stood
1965, I ain't too young to know this
That was President Johnson but now
But it's president (Georgia) Bush

[Repeat: x2]
We from a town where
it early spring
For a while she'll be mine again
If you could paint me a Birmingham

He looked at me with knowing eyes
and took a canvas from the bag
never bow my knee
And I'll die if I don't get me love anachie

Jeannie was married and from church she was brought home
And when she and her maidens so
If you look at it you'll get drunk
Frothing mass of filthy chunk
Bloodshot eye and boiling spew
To kick the ass of punks like you

the barn doors are open, the crossbar is hanging in the wind.
So the devils sing tired, “Oh just look at what you're doing,” 
Yeah, he's joined by a choir
Yes, the wedding bells are ringing and the choir is beginning to sing
What looks good in the day, at night is another thing

She's looking into my eyes,
Have you heard of one Humpty Dumpty
How he fell with a roll and a rumble
And curled up like Lord Olofa Crumple
By the butt of the Magazine Wall
your wives!"

[Choir; in sorta of "Bringing In The Sheaves" way]
Shall we gather at the airport?

He'd always arrive in the nick a' time
A good five
cried and said she always knew he was up to no good
It broke her heart the night he died
And she made me promise I'd stand by your side
And try

It's a shame I have to go,
Seeing as how they miss me so
Bye bye, Blumberg

Once I took a trip with Irving Cohen
No one even noticed he was
a hustler from around the way
Stayed on the northside of town, is where he say

He payed attention to whatever, they was games so clever
If the situation