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surrounded by you, oh
So I'm sending out a searchlight
To bring you back to me

I'm lost again in this night
The sun just leads me into shadows
In my bones, in
Just by a wave of my hand
Temptations: Oh, I...
Eddie: I can change anything
From old to new
Paul: The things I want to do the most,
my dirty Jesse James
The CEO of dirty and he go by Cornell Haynes
Mean-mugging all you niggas like I hopped up out your dame
I'm like uh-oh, there
Everything I did was right
Everything I said was wrong
Now I'm waiting for the night
To bring the dawn
Into the only room where the fire's warm
Where we keep
One two, one two, one two
I am the Overweight Lover MC, Heavy D
This one goes out to my man DJ Eddie F
Trouble T-Roy my partner G-Wiz
This also
and his words are clear
He gives the prettiest sermon you ever did hear.
While Rosie wags her tail by the collection box.
When I'm low on inspiration
of matches now that's when you have met your match 
and the worst thing for you is to have a gun when i'm thursty 
ill turn niggas more holy man, than Eddie
gettin higher
Don't think I'm bluffin
Meet Tommy Lee Curtis, Keith Richards, Eddie Kingwards and David Ruffin

Rick James was in the kitchen lightin
All about cake, Betty Crock' and spit ready rock
They know my bar came venom in a bezzie rock
Kicks from Fight Club, outfit from Eddie Brock
Written by George Clinton
Lead vocals by James Young

you come to me girl
tears are in your eyes
your head's bowed in sorrow
you whisper your

Girl, I'm off the hook, plug me into your adaptor 

I'm sending wack rhymes to the rafters 

Turn up your skill factor, you bitin rhymes
like Lil Wayne
Revisin' the game like king James
The heads turnin like slim thug chain
I'm bangin' hooks like sugar Shane
I'm thowed off like Major
I've been had by the balls all my life
I'm in no mood now
To stop dead and talk it over

I don't need no fire and brimstone warning
I've been
the tornadoes of the east!
Send me your ancient wisdom!
Oh you, the wind of the west!
Show me my way!

I'm sending a worm into your soul,
I'm sending
says the judge, says he
"Oh, for life, Jim Jones, I'm sending you
Across the stormy sea
But take a tip before you ship
To join the iron gang
Don't get
Won't be the first time you sit alone
Won't be the first time you wait by the phone
Won't be the last time you drift away
To some place we were such
Duet by Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor

written by Rose Marie McCoy, Sylvia McKinney
© 1961 Ben-Ghazi Enterprises Inc (BMI)

Darling, been
Duet by Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor

written by Rose Marie McCoy, Sylvia McKinney
© 1961 Ben-Ghazi Enterprises Inc (BMI)

Darling, been
don't give a fuck
I went up in the club
And like a thousand niggas
A thousand chicks
Was doing the James Brown
Get the fuck out of here
I'm like oh
amongs' the rebels
Madness, madness, war

Night number one was in Brixton
Sofrano B sound system
I'm was a-beatin' up the riddim with a fire
I'm so tired of being without
And never knowing what love's about
James Moody, you can come on in
And you can blow now if you want to

a buck,
James, I'm wondering could I borrow your truck?

I said that's why I'm here. 
Got no other reason,
That's why I'm standing before you, 
building fires by their homes
The smoke is sending signals out in code
These safety suits, these parachutes
I don't know

Gotta stop, drop, roll

When all
naw we don't quit

A black figure, in the middle of chaos and gun fire
So many raps about rims, I'm surprised @#%$ ain't become tires
On the street you
with JFK on Marilyn Monroe...Oh

"Blow the spot with some old school shit" - Rah Digga on Talib Kweli's "Down For The Count"
"I'm so old school"-