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high the sky is dark and wide,
It looks like its gonna fall

Are you all alone or shall I
Squire you home?
Or would you rather see me
me to bring it home
But until it's time for me to bring it home
I'll be out in these streets, hanging in the hood
Even gangsters need to pray, cause
How can I forget you starry eyes
You hair when its lit by the moonlit skies
Just keep that smile in you
'Til I come home to you
Tell me, you'll wait
I'll make a soft pillow out of hay
And I'll share it with my happy dog
We will stay there for the whole day

I love to be free
That's the best thing
There's a ship
And it sails a sea of light
On it's way to me tonight
From a distant shore
Taking me home once more
And the waves
I'd change my mind
Little girl walk away while you still have the time
It's just a part of growin' up someday you'll see
Then you'll wonder what you
A mountain so high
Don't be afraid
Just treasure His word
Singing His praises
I know that I'll be heard
He's gonna take you by the hand
He's gonna make
something holds you back
It's not the promise of the swell or a girl
Just a hope that someday someway it'll be okay
So you stop and say

This is my home
the thirteenth knot (Hangman)
I arrange panoramic of a plastic catalogue
And where wild dogs sing tailor-made lullabies tried by my offspring
I'll bring
Oh, I'll take away
You got nothing but groupies and promoters to love you
And a pile of laundry by the hotel door

Don't it ever get lonesome?
home so bright
The lights were gaily glowing as they stood there side by side
"Let's drink a toast to this young man and to his lovely bride."

To make it feel like home

Turkey dinner on paper plates
Sergeant bows his head to pray
Boombox playin' Silent Night
Camouflage and Christmas lights
"I have no ticket" the boy then replied
"But I'll pay you back someday"
"Then I'll put you off at the next stop we make"
But he stopped when he
My heart is pounding like the ocean
My soul's empty as the sky
But I know, someday I'll be coming home

Time goes by the twinkling of an eye
Still I
board of our car
Someday you'll push me a little bit too far
I'll forgive you this time but don't ever let it happen again
Some day you're gonna push me
afraid, just treasure His word
Singing His praises, I know that I'll be heard
He's gonna take you by the hand, he's gonna make you feel so good
Open up
Trial by fire
To find out the hard way
What it's like without you
Cause even my best intentions go astray
If passion can drive us home
Guided by
that if I try long enough and hard enough that someday I'll make it
Don't worry about tryin' to send me any money or anything
Cause I've got a job
down to San Antone.
Long as we're back by sunrise,
We can make us a memory of Nashville tonight.

And then I'll write you a song.
You might hear it
me on the phone
You want my money and everything I own
I'll pay you soon as I get paid, the check is in the mail
Don't call my home anymore, I've
Someday you will

Wake up and smell the break up,
Realize that we won't make up,
It didn't go the way you planned.
And you'll know you didn't beat me
heart, put on my make-up,
Another mess I didn't plan.
And I'll bet you thought you beat me,
Wish you could only see,
I got an "I Heart ?"
home,by a street phone yard
All she's got it on memories
And has letter on his hands.

It said
Mama don't care, Mama don't you cry
I'm still you
Is acting as your go-between.
And for group encounters I'll hit buses,
Mobile homes, or trains to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
It's hard to make
to the old rugged cross
I believe that this life with it's great mysteries
Surely someday will come to an end
But faith will conquer the darkness and death