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block look shitty
Put his dick on a wood block
Swing swing swing, and chop chop chop
Now who's the next to nut
Color Me Badd, but you can't sex me up
turn a stone
Or the color of a man petrified by a woman
In love as I am when I lay with you
I think of him, I think of him

I can't believe I
it I can tell you like my surprise (sex in the evening, sex all night)
Now I'm working it up n down like a roller coaster ride (sex in the evening,
that his baby mom in love with me bad
I play that Bobby Brown, LL, Color Me Badd
Man, these little niggas pulled a gun on me, damn
Took my cousin
whatcha sayin) You wanna go pop goes the weasel
You know you should be rocking the fans wit something diesel
But you insist to piss me off black
So I flex
Color Me Badd to the ah, tick tock
Let them know your logo, not a black thing
My background sing, my background sing for the crossover

The rap era's
(we sex)
Anytime we want to (we sex)
They can kiss my ass, because whoa-ho-hoo
Hey L Don you feel me?

Yeah yeah yeah I feel you
You and Jay crazy
Sex & Super Smash Bros
Sex & Super Smash
Sex & Sex & Super Smash Bros

Told me she just might though, be nice though
Come by the new place
I'm the hitman with the hit rhyme
Now tell me can you feel
Da Gz freakin' out so real
And make you move your body
Come on now, come on now,baby lets
Sex 4 suga, suga 4 sex
Sex 4 suga, suga 4 sex

Girl, ooh, you look "uh"
You're the type of thick that I can't give up
What's your name? I can't
on nothin' I'm sippin' on somethin'
And my homeboy say he got a bad bitch for me tonight!

(yea) if you single den put ya hands up
If you single (uh) den put
the damn thing

I want sex in the kitchen over by the stove
I want put you on the counter by the buttered rolls
Hands on the table, on your tippy toes
Shorty, what's your name? 'Cause you are...

[Chorus x 2]

Baby, you one of the coldest

Up in the club just doing me
Posted by
I start by saying tell me something good, show me something great (Something great)
What you doing early, what you doing late? (Doing late)
Do you
to the treadmill (we sex)
Even over by the dirty lawnmower (we sex)
The neighbors and the dogs are lookin crazy (we sex)
I don't care because you're my baby (we
stuck her up on the wall like a poster
Then I told her
Let me show you something you won't forget
Just hold me by the neck
And I'll pick you up by
freaky, girl, every time you talk
I know ya aura make the fellas wanna break 'em off
Hear me brotha?
Gotta try to get our feet further
Hit a lic'
right now
Not gonna lie and say I understand
I just wanna be here for you if I can
To hold your hand and be by your side
And together we will get
you open up for me
'Cause I wanna know you

Stay a while now
Undress your colors
'Cause there like no other
Ive ever seen
I could get
Color Me Badd to the ah, tick tock
Let them know your logo, not a black thing
My background sing, my background sing for the crossover

The rap era's
Leavin' you bloodier than a MaxiPad
Crayola crayons, they'd have to Color Me Badd
So play like a midget and forget it
'Cause I put oil
me 18 times, the other day
Bamboo earrings and gold teeth
And I know you must be givin' up the whole piece
He's just payin' for the sex
And I know
two hours thirty minutes. 
We 'bout to reach our record time girl, you know im not finished, 
I wanna see you cum into my world. 
I just wanna be
Wind me up I just want to play with you, your my sex toy
I don't think you know what you do to me, ya turn me on!..
Do those freaky things that you
to the sweet underground
Where I can tell by the color of my skin
And I know my neighbor `cos he`s the one, yes he`s the one
Who always turns me in

A woman