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Throw his clothes to the wind
To dance a jig, in my skin
And be re-made by your cleansing again

I give You myself
It's all that I have
to you, I...

David: Can fly like a bird in the sky
Eddie: Hey, I can buy anything
That money can buy
Temptations: Oh, I...
Melvin: I can turn a river
by michael mcdonald & david pack
Lost and lonely lives
Floating like waves at sea
We make it day by day
Watching the world go by

In a moment
By David Allan Coe

Dedicated to lovers everywhere. May you always find something in my music to believe in and hold you together.

and stole the proof of our history truth

Now they question proof of our origin 
I reply by saying proof is in our lionage
The lion of father Abraham, Isaac
and white is white
That Superman and Robin Hood
Are still alive in Hollywood
That gasoline's in short supply
The rising cost of getting by.

But I believe in
gave up on life, but now I wanna live, yeah
'Cause in the tunnel you were my light
And with you by my side, I believe

(Oh, I believe) Oh, I believe
Believe in me

But one by one those fantasies have failed
While you keep shining through
And I still believe in you


Other dreams may turn
searching you'll find someone. 
I believe that you and I just lost our way. 
And I believe in a beautiful day. 
I still believe in a beautiful day. 

cost of getting by

But I believe in love
I believe in old folks
I believe in children
I believe in you

I believe in love
I believe in babies
and white is white
That Superman and Robin Hood
Are still alive in Hollywood
That gasoline's in short supply
The rising cost of getting by.

But I believe in
really something to see
My dream comes alive
When I open my eyes
And I still go weak in the knees
She's too good to believe
And I can tell you that she's
you know that I'd loved you still
But I won't relax until
You're back in my arms
Can't you see that my love is real

Darling, anywhere you run to
I will
Duke's got a shotgun 
So why you get upset cause I got one 
A tisket a tasket 
A nigga got his ass kicked 
Shot in the face by a cop, close casket
David Hinds
I Spy With My Little Eye
Raggamuffin Him A Turn Rude Bwoy
If You Live Him A Give You A Bly
Him No Fraid Fe Shot Up A Guy

Him A Come In
'cause I still believe

After all the foolish things you put me through
I could always make a start on something new
And I've always been a man who's
I believe in babies.
I believe in Mom and Dad.
And I believe in you.

Well, I don't believe that heaven waits,
For only those who congregate.
believe in you now, 
Somehow, I still believe in you now 
We've been together a year and forever, 
You should know me by now 
Jesus went
This lamb is sure to go

Well I believe in Jesus you know I know him
Oh so well
And I'm going to heaven by and by
'cause I saved my soul from
couldn't play guitar like Van Halen
Had no secret chords like Saint David
But you still came around, ate your lunch with me
Used to park your car to try
was your friend 
I hope you'll have the strength to just remember 
I'm still your friend

Hey Babe, I miss you
Babe, I still feel you

Loving you was easy
Easy to mess up
Now blue moon marks the days of good love
My faith is in a bottle
a businessman in the Holy Land as a sidewalk souvenir shop 
I bought a little Bible since I'd hardly stopped 
And it was in Paris France somehow by chance that
vegetation. Trust in the Lord and do good, then you will abide in the land and be nourished by faith. Delight in the Lord, and He will guard your desires