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'm forbidden to come 'round
Lord knows I love you, Molly
Molly Brown

Molly Brown, Molly Brown
Lay down by my side
Show me how you spread your wings
And let that
All I need is You Lord
Is you Lord

All I need is You
You Jesus
You saves my soul
You make me fall
I'm new because of you

You hold
Pray pray pray
Pray and ask the Lord Jesus
Don't leave me by myself

Every mornin' through the years I pray
You know I've got to have Jesus
Jesus hold my hand I need the every art
Through this troubled land protect me by your side
Hear my feeble plea oh Lord look down on me
For I need
who simply was passing by for no one had seen him before
Oh listen to me all you people the place lit up as he smiled
Our Lord marks the fall
Protect me by thy saving power

Please, hear my feeble plea
Oh, oh, Lord, please, tell me
I kneel in prayer, I try to meet you there
Blessed Jesus, hold my
would be my prayer, dear Lord, each day
You help me do the best I can
For I need Thy light to guide me day and night
Blessed Jesus, hold my hand

out and get freedom

One bad decision after the next
Just getting by, letting you figure me, oh 
Jesus call him when you want him
Call him when you
that I need is in You lord

You alone are better than life
Than anything in this world
You alone are all I want
In everything You are good
I stand
She's looking to you

Just love her like Jesus
Carry her to him
His yoke is easy
His burden is light
You don't need the answers
To all of life's questions

Oh, my sweet Lord, won't You stand by me, oh, stand by me?
When I'm in trouble stand, stand by me, stand by me

I need somebody to help me now
eyes wanna see is a glimpse of You

All I need is You
All I need is You Lord
Is you Lord

One more day and it's not the same
Your spirit calls my
your heart
You will know what I mean
We've been polluted so long
Now here's a way for you to get clean

By chanting the names of the Lord and you
And I need Your strength and shield, Jesus
Let me touch You and see if You are real

Sometimes to me You seem so far away
And I wonder how to make
I?ll take your head into the promised land?

Friend, I don't need your stuff
My Jesus is enough
You see them colors bright
Why can't you see
I am again

Jesus, hold me now
I need to feel You in this place
To know You're by my side
And hear Your voice tonight
Jesus, hold me now
I long
All about forgiveness and grace
Tell me one more time about Jesus
Lord, I need just a little more faith

I walked by the church Sunday mornin'
I slipped
Carry me high
Don't let the world break me tonight
I need the strength of you by my side
Sometimes this life can be so cold
I pray you'll come
Carry me high
Don't let the world break me tonight
I need the strength of you by my side
Sometimes this life can be so cold
I pray you'll come
[Verse 2: DMX]
In the name of Jesus
You gave me the book, so now I just look when I need the word
In the name of Jesus
You took, a crook, gave him
as I am
I am needy and dry
Jesus is for losers
The self-made need not apply

Just as I am
In a desert crawl
Lord, I'm so thirsty
Take me
Steal Away to Jesus.
Steal Away. (steal home)
Steal Away home.
I haven't got long to stay here.

My lord, my lord, he calls me. (calls me)
He calls
No one else will do
Lord I put my trust in You

I need You Jesus to come to my rescue
Where else can I go?
There's no other Name by
watch Will & Grace

Jesus, do I need a smoke

Jack puts a smile on my face

Oh, what a surprise, a gay joke

tell you where I went wrong?

Well, the more that I start to play
My deceitful, evil ways
Keep on growing stronger by the day

Oh lord, have mercy