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You can see it, you can see it in his eyes
Sometimes he looks so happy
As he goes strolling by

Oh village idiot, he's complicated
questions like:
"Look, did you get it on with this chick or not?"
"Get? What do you mean by the word 'Get'?"[Clinton]
Basically, he had 800 spears a minute
a baseball bat
Dale Jarret does it on the race car track
Tom Hanks sure knows how to act
And he makes it look easy
Dan Rather does it on the evening news
seven days and nights like a black-top bird he sped
Maintained radio silence 'cept for in his head
And just like his folks did back in '69
He crossed
If you could see in his room right now
You'd see how much love is showed
There's never really any romance on the road

His forehead seems cut in two
ask how he did it? He'd say
"Nothin' to it, with this kind of guitar it brings out my best"

One night when he had the room captivated
He took five
found a boy who I love more,
Than I ever did you before,
So stand beside the river I cried
And lay yourself down.
Look how you want me now that I don't
wonder how, how did things ever get this far

Vince Taylor used to live here, nobody's ever heard of him
Vince Taylor used to live here, but nobody's
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

Outside the Nashville city limits
A friend and I did drive,
On a day in early winter
I was glad to be alive.
We went
by things I did
If you really got to know me
Well it might take a little time
Cause I am more than what I look like
And I am more than where I've been
Where did our love go, you will never know
How did you get home, you will never know
Did you catch yourself in the mirror?
It's a sight I
He said, "Who snitched?"

Yo, how did he go out?
He went out like a bitch!
So ladies
We ain't just talkin' bout you
Cause some of you niggas
To take that very first step

And that step was followed by another
In that room still lit so dim
And before he realized how far he had gone
Bosch, by Hieronymus in my pool

How did it get there?
How did it get there?
How did it get there?
Sure beats me
Must be a late work, must be
A stranger came by traveling
He went to every door
He said he'd lost his people
He'd come to look for more
And many did believe him
As he talked
She walks down to the store at eight,
The devil walks with her and he thinks she's great,
When she looks at me, I don't know what I saw,
I think
And made it complicated for him to illustrate it
My dexterity, put him in fear of me
And had his mind bewildered by everything he was hearin' see
That was
get slayed
Cause I don't think he even know whatever hit him
Bootleggers beware, cause yeah I did em

That's how I did em (huh) that's how I did em
a place? You must believe in the human race.
Can you believe, God makes you breathe.
Why did he lose six million Jews.
Touched by the wings, fears angel
marking time
Night's black tide has ebbed away
By cliffs of glass awash with day
She hurries from her labours still unseen

He who lies besides her
He used to send her flowers
To apologise, to apologise
He used to say how sorry he was
And flash his smile; he'd flash his smile
And always she'd
they see that look in his eyes

He sat me down and went on and on
Wouldn't shut up about how Mrs. Claus had gone
He said the plumber must've done
relationship advice guy
Liked on the vices priceless smile
Look at the eyes got the look of a survivor
Husband, father
Dissed by Eminem but did it bother him
And so he cried to God
"It's not what I had planned
And there's one more thing
I'll never understand

How did the days slip by
When did they turn into
tailored clothes.
He's following the pollster everywhere he goes.
His teeth have all been straightened, his hair is very full.
His stupidity is hidden by