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As I went now for to take a little walk,
I came upon that Wild Bill Jones
He was a'walkin' and a'talkin' by my true lover's side
And I bid him
possibilities could be for a team
When she called the badge on me
The badge grabbed me by the arm and he said
What are you doin' hangin' around here for
And I
drifting away
People prove fiendishly greedy
Each time you try to believe

It's hard to be defiant
There's ways to kill the giant
Slaughtered by pins

As I went down for to take a little walk
I came upon that Wild Bill Jones
He was a walking and a talking by my true lover's side
And I bid him
me cry anymore
Your handcuffs won't hurt my arms anymore

It's not the end of your life but it's the end of your kingdom
It's not the end of your
By: jimmy buffett
It's never been the same since you returned from dreamin'
With your nursery rhyme excuses your picture postcards gleamin'
While back-ups destroy the car
All for a little bid of weed
Dog bite my arm,
Treat me as a murderer

Please let me up
The handcuffs are too tight
Some people call them terrorists
These boys have simply been misguided

I tried to keep my faith alive
I'm close enough to trip the wire
Some people call them terrorists.
These boys have simply been, misguided.
I try to keep my faith alive.
I'm close enough to trip the wire.

the hospital
It's all the same shit all across the globe
I just sit back and watch the show

Everywhere that I go
Ain't the same as befo' (The watcher)
People I
Ain't the same as before
(The watcher)
People I used to know
Just don't know me no more
(The watcher)
But everywhere that I go
I got people I know
how time fly
I'm just having fun just watching it fly by

Everywhere that I go
Ain't the same as befo' (The watcher)
People I used to know
Wake the Town and Tell the People
Johnny Mathis
Music by Jerry Livingston and Words by Sammy Gallop

This version did not chart but
In 1955 Les
The graveyard sits by the Prescott mill. 
Where my old man lost his arm, 
And for that I was ready to kill. 
But he just looked tired, 
And said:
called spirits made you into these raving madmen?

Be a witness, as I excersize my exorcism
The evil that lurks within the sin, the terrorism
Possessed by
the people want the answers laid out on the lines
No more of your cheap propaganda
And stop talking tic-tac-toe

We the people fight your arms dealers wars
Squad coming correct, handcuffs, Jakes backin' us up
We got it rough, on some guns bust
Niggaz hold dust, through it all, kept our head off
Feds sped
walking by
I'll put coffee on to brew
We can have a cup or two
And do what other people do
On Sunday morning

Sunday morning, Sunday morning, Sunday,
By David Roche

He's not dead or alive
He's not off with some other guy
He's not lost track of the time
He's just


People say hey it'll
the law without being represented by an attorney 
Overqualified, for all technical institutes 
I get the job done when you barely make it past
been slapped by a bear and bit by an eel
I chew up railroad iron, and shit out steel!
I jumped in the ocean and swallowed a whale
Handcuff lightning
Here in the day, here in the light 
All I can see is you last night 
Lit by the moon still by my side 
Loving arms open wide. 

And the love
all a struggle, and most people's struggles are doubled
You ain't the only one with a challenge facin some trouble
Look at the woman chewed up by
"indeed, comrade"
"I'm being bombed"
And all the people's faces turned strawberry blonde

By the morning gate the friendly ranger waits
For the sun
In the morning 
On the beach there 
People gather 
To meet the sunshine 

With open arms 
Reaching for heaven 
With open hearts 
and open