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They say that I was born
Of slave Mogama and white man
My father slept in iron bed,
My mother on cold sand
When my father called
My mother would
once we got a hold

I forgot the name
I took a shot on the chin
I'm rearranging my game
Tell by the shape I'm in

In line of fire, you know what
contempt for an incident
But it takes two be intimate
So by no means was she innocent

They said that chivalry is dead
Then why is her body in my bed
brushed my hair the leaf that fell from who knows where
The scent of wildflowers in the air is just the touch of God's hand
The wasteland fall that fills
You are the only way
You are the only voice
You are the only hope
You are the only choice
You are the one true God

No matter what we say
You are
won't be
The silent damnation

I will never be voiceless
My weapon of choice is
I'd rather be dangerous
I won't be left defenseless
As God as my
and I'm gonna lie in this bed of roses
I'm tired of trying to be free
Gonna lay down like a sigh in my bed of roses
Bed of roses I believed my life would
in the 
Form of a neon snake
Massive delusions? 
Very probably
I fear for my safety 
He is as weak as his fellow man 
I am now surrounded by
her bed
And tears of pain were being shed
She said, "Dear God, please hear my plea"
I heard my mother praying for me

I got my Bible and sat down
She was born to be my Unicorn 
Robed head of ferns 
Cat child tutored by the learned. 

Darkly ghostish host 
Haggard vizier of the moats
and time speeds by in the 
Form of a neon snake. 
Massive delusions? 
Very probably. 
I fear for my safety. 
He is as weak as his fellow man. 
I am now
the god of your choice
Is he asleep where is his voice
My god raised up from the dead, is yours in bed?

No more
No more
No more
No more
I'm paralyzed?
They crawl up on my bed,
Wrap their fingers round my throat
Is this what I get for
The choices that I made?

God forgive me for all my
The words you said don’t make no sense
I wish you was in my bed
O my god
I really really miss you
I remember what it was like to kiss you
The words you said
and I'm gonna lie in this bed of roses.
I'm tired of trying to be free.
Gonna lay down like a sigh in my bed of roses.
Bed of roses I believed my life
Night of god
Away in a manger, no crib for a bed 
The little Lord Jesus lay down his sweet head
The stars in the sky looked down where he lay
Holding you in my harms, in my bed
God knows it feels so fine
Holding you in my harms, in my bed
God knows it feels so fine
I said I loved you, I
hurt his balls on that play, Tony. Don't you? He's holding
Them. He must've hurt them, by God." and the other 2-way word that
Goes with that one is Prik.
I was tuning in the shine on the late night dial 
Doing anything my radio advised 
With every one of those late night stations 
Playing songs
Up on the airplane
Nearer my god to thee
I start making a deal
Inspired by gravity
If I did wrong I won't do it again
'Cause I can be sweet
to sing the blues much anymore

Lost my Jew, things got blue
The kid was sinkin' first and fast
Empty bed, lies in my head
Comes from livin' deep in
in god's kingdom bleed
See the networks of concrete and steel
They've no mystery but what they reveal
Tells a story of a future that's void
a Satanist

I never believed in angels
But by seeing you I really had my doubts
When your eyes met mine, I thought
It's the return from my exile
All this
And everybody wants control of her body and I'm hoping the choice might be me
If I ever get my break for God's sake
I'm gonna make my break clean

If you ever