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the music I find
In every breath, every sigh
One precious gift shared by two
This is my song for you

Hold me close I need to feel you near
Oh! You are
Amphetamines will keep you thin
My heart beats fast and I'm climbing the walls again
I've been talking for miles on end
Or is it because everybody is a friend
the heart
Searching for solitude without a solitary card
Knees bleeding but proceeding to pray to God
Forever humble but before a man boys stumble
They nauseous,
Hold up,
I'll be here forever
You know, I'm on my fall shit,
And I ain't waiting for closure, I will never forfeit,
Less than four bars,
up tight,
See ya somewhere up in the sky,
Fear not die, I'll be alive for a million years, bye bye,
So not for legends, I'm forever young
My name
words, darling kiss me. 

Fill my heart with song, 
And let me sing forever more, 
You are all I long for, 
All I worship and adore, 
In other words,
Cast me aside, I'm not the picture you want on your wall. But where it counts the most, I know for sure, I've given it my all. My heart creates this
Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Hebrews 4:13, Psalm 37:18

In the evening when I start to pray
I think about this day
Another page is turned
Have a little of prosperity and then some
Livin' my life handsome, has always been a dream but
Now it's time to really achieve by all means (Bust it)
thoughts and positive deeds,
These are the things that make sucede.
Always be good to your family and friends,
They are the ones that'll be there in the end.
I'm walking in the park
And I'm talking to the dark
But there ain't nobody listening no
My heart has turned to stone
When I found myself alone
begin the ass kissin' 
Just to get looked at by an overworked physician 
Got the chills, but my temperatures 103 
Only got a band-aid and an IV
    Beat, beat, beat, beat, beat, beat
My beat forever
4 Ever My....

4 Ever My Beat, for the record, the jam you selected
That when we
and true
And the Waltz Of The Angels he wrote just for you

There must be a power
Oh hurry my darling to my waiting arms
I'll love you forever and keep
forever ever ever
Forever on the dance floor

It's a long way down
We so high off the ground
Sendin' for an angel to bring me your heart
Girl where did you
through the sediment in search of the rhythm
Dove soul first to bathe nude in its abyss
Paid dues and made music my religion
Now I listen, close my eyes,
Forever on the dance floor

Its a long way down
We so high off the ground
Sendin' for an angel to bring me your heart
Girl where did you come from?
Got me
Forever on the dance floor

It's a long way down
We so high off the ground
Sendin' for an angel to bring me your heart
Girl where did you come
[Music: Sipilä & CHARON Lyrics: Leppäluoto]

White dreams of sour relish
Four candles in VIRGINS nest
Sweet rhyme of brook flows in our
I caught myself again
Laying in bed staring at your picture
I told myself I wouldn’t do that anymore
The afternoon is my morning
It’s almost 4 pm
Talking in the window as the light fades
I heard my voice break just for a moment
Talking by the window as the light fades
I felt the floor change
lot of time
My heart finally trust my mind
And I know somehow it's right

And oh we got time, yeah
So darling just say you'll stay
Right by my side
stimulates the music in my measure
Measure in my music, raised in three parts
Casually see but don't do like the Soul
Cause seein' and doin' are actions for
relentless sifting through bodies seeking self
Settling through competitive combat for what's left on the shelf.
A mad melee of supply and demand driven by
business never changes
And my crew knows what to do they're soul surviving
And if I die...

Still in basement for four years arranging
Lyrics and beats my