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bad news
The basements been swamped by a flood
I got the Studio Blues and it's ruined my shoes
My Boogie's all covered in mud

the great
Once blessed by the holy
Protected by fate
Announcing the twilight
The wrath of the Gods
The city of Acheron
Was drowned by the flood
and running there is no retreat
Pumice and ash flow 1200 degrees
Erupting below walls of ice to unveil
Ice / lava mixture to floods - no escape!

Buried in
as well as I
I said my friend just let me show you what the Master left below
And by fate you surely see if you try
Cause everytime the roses bud
You flail and crack my skull 
All thoughts flood to the floor 
Bad blood better no blood at all

Used me up without permission 
The taste of last
My action I wish I could deny
Tension to flood awaiting trial
Feel the panicked regret
Drowning my mind

Deny my fate, oppression
the time
Hold on please behind those grey and lonely eyes
Hold on to me unforgotten by time
Tempt fate release reality is dawning escape
Someone now is
Forty days and forty nights the flood waters risin'
Two by two by two
Two by two by two
Hand in hand we watch for land on the horizon
the eternal river of understanding
Persevering, dying escape
Forever tempting fate
Take me back

A flood of tears bonding my soul with my mind
A dream
Waking in floods of sweat, vision returning, my hearts in overdrive. 
I sink so low that hell is heaven, 
The high is gone I must escape this inner
away by destiny-claws
Am I another of fate's possessions
Dwelling the lie of freedom
Just another straw pulled at random

Reclaimed by deceiving
stains" seal your fate
Cut and Run
There is no escape from the gun
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Run from the gun
Flee for your life
Search, search
(Originally recorded by Blitzkrieg)

Let us have peace, let us have life
Let us escape the cruel night
Let us have time, let the sun shine
Let us
swooping grace.
Might your shape be escape, masked by a devil’s face?

Pointy wings, echoings, guide your nocturnal flight
Past the hills, sweeping
and grief
To return a yellow trickster and a thief

Hey I found a whistle that works every time
That's when the trail escapes to nowhere
And the flood
The poor women weeping at what seemed a great loss
Trembling in fear there at the foot of the cross
Tormented by memories that came like a flood
the end of our time
Scavengers will eat the remains of man
Our extinction was by our design

Beg for your life, you won't escape the knife
Your fate
to the blade
I've lost control, I've lost control

Beg for your life, you won't escape the knife
Your fate was sealed today
Disease has spread you pray for
and lost
The time has come
To rule the world at any cost

For the past it's too late
Cause the world can't control fate
Shadows cast loud and clear
A journey through my mind
Beyond the wheel of time
To the darkness 'hind my eyes
All those years in vain I fled
My fate I tried to escape
Slid from my utopia of amniotic slime
God is a spider
God is a spider
God is a spider
Tryin' to block my path

And it's a matter of fate, and it's
of the plagues that surround me

And my open graves
But it's the fate of the haze that put darkness
In my way I escape
I escape darkness in my own way
by the world
Your life has turned to stone
There's no escape

Just close your eyes again
And I will seal your fate

So close your eyes
And live
Floods of tears and doors slamming
Stamping feet across the landing
Because of your obligation
To stay home and fight
Sitting down
But I called it fate
No, no, no

For I was born
Born for adventure
Women whisky and sin
No I'll never surrender
Live by the sword till the end