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Her big nigga named c, and he stand by the door
Let a trick get funny with the door
She gon' knock 3 times, then his ass gotta go

She sell pussy
cleared your throat and let it go?

So every single time that you opened your mouth
Something like the truth came struggling out
A picture of the past
I once knew a girl by the name of Monique
She was my childhood sweetheart every day of the week
Whether PS46, or 151
After school I'd go to her
Well the wicked bend their bows to cast down the poor
Yet their swords shall pierce them in their own hearts

Never you lose your faith
Things and times
Bleached smile shaved bikini,
Every thing you want but will never be.
Her husband was a CEO,
She spent her nights all alone,
You fall in love with her
Built to destroy
Born to compress
Every worry
Every idea
Push it deep down
The blood vessel cover
The skin suit of anxiety
Never speak a word
And that's the version of the ideal woman to me
Oh, you don't know?


[Verse 3]
Who dat chick? Down to do that shit
A Superbitch, I ride wit
you may add another name
That was the president and that was the man.
That was the president and that was the man.

Here is an older version
Years go by. The constant stare. The constant grip inside. Every organ grinding. Every day seems easier until I step back in our box. Boxed in. Surrounded
[ "Long Version" includes the following INTRO: ]
Yo Rich
How come y'all go ruthless
turn around and try to be positive?
[ D-Loc ]
Look man, people
Who gon' make you giddy with
But this time we gon' do something romantic and different
I'll take you for battle when we get on the movie stage

I was
Canibus nigga. You know what I'm saying?
Yeah, yeah.
[1st man]
Yeah, niggas gonna feel that nigga.
[3rd man]
Oh, that's the old to the new.
the hypnytis down
It's characterized by a certain type of lifestyle
People that treated you foul just want to be nice now
Smile and raise their eyebrows when
be call out, and rob your son and daughter
Lintballz in my pocket and yours is real lumby
Nah, Lay Down, gimme what you got G
Split the pie three ways,
Life now, let me find out, you want the life style of mine 
no pal of mine 
Runnin' wit goons wit knife wounds from jail time 
Got the squad lookin'
You're trapped on the dance floor
It's locked there's no escape
There's no eat no drink cant take a break
No seat to sit down you gotta stand up
That's why they stay down, they loyal citizens of Zamunda
By way of A-T-L, if you disagree
Don't even look at me ho don't pass go just go
of life when I go downstairs
That's where I write when I'm in a bad place and need to release
And let out the version of NF you don't want to see
I put

bring me to the end and I'll be me 

open up your eyes wide so you can see 

it's thick to be me 

how I kick my rhymes down pat
Spare me your tiny talk, kneel down and wash my feet.
Could someone, please, fly you away, out from your misery.
Suck it all in, go ahead and take
Einstein, applyin' the iron to your spine
And find you dyin' on prime time

Somebody call the cops
For us to stop'll take all of they got
Sending you through schizophrenic episodes
My style is so well off on it's own 
I leave it unattended and go see my dog about a bone
When I'm
time than now to start some killin
It's Cook Coke Crack, 2005's ghetto version of Achilles NIGGA


[Fat Joe]
Yo, yo, loop this and you
whip 'em like Kunta
That's why they stay down, they loyal citizens of Zamunda
By way of A-T-L; if you disagree
don't even look at me ho don't pa** go
to skeet crack
I represent the slum
Gangsta body dipped in all black
Don't act like you ain't know that
My clique is quick to go at
Any of why yall