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Sun comes up, tide goes out, a new day begins
Palm trees sway, as children play, in the sand
Seagulls fly, across the sky, two by two
goes bad

The good book goes out the window
When the gloves go to the floor
His give a damn to be a righteous man
Don't give a damn no more
Everybody give it up for the cocky drummer.

And the beat goes on (and the beat goes on)
And the beat goes on (on and on and on)
And the beat
a beach bum
Shit is hot as summer. Another classic number
Everybody give it up for the funky drummer

And the beat goes on (and the beat goes on)
feeling like I up and let ya
Get away now you all in the lectures
Being studied by the college's professors
Now I regret the day I met ya
(Bitch) I'll be
To your brother, to your sister, to your misses, to your mister.
To your friends, to your foes, give the love around and back around it goes.
In a house up the hill
Lays a boy, he's sleeping still
And the time's creeping by
'Til the world prepares to die
Then again out of dust
Will arise
came back and now, "What's that?"
Straight from Paris, checkin' Gaby's new baby carriage
Perry Ellis (nice), auburn cherry reddish
Fresh out
you up and then she'll spit you out
She's a pop star, rock star
Fighter, lover
Oh no don't think that girl a lighter, she don't give a what
Yeah she
Don't give a damn what i say
Coz i'm out of my mind
Punkass motherfucker son of a gun
Just one of a kind

Ripped the system and burnt the shreds
Crazy men, crazy women
Cryin' out for love
You'd like to save her
But you just can't give it up

You'd rather be rapped up, in the arms of a storm
deep, feels like your dying
No cross no crown can't give up now please heal tonight

So we pray tonight, that you don't get weak
And please pray that I,
They don't know the tune and they don't know the words 
But they don't give a damn 
There's no end to it I'm in a pit and I'm stuck in it
the west
Run up and tell you ain't bought the dress
You crazy
Don't care about nuttin
We'll see when that coffee's shuttin

We're the mighty death pop.
Built in the belly of junk by the river my cabin stands
Made from the trash I dug out 'the heap, with my own fair hands
Every night, I'm back
Look at then and when you got caught up
Reminiscing 'bout the past
Driving by on easy street
Thinking 'bout that we'd be here to last a long while
And I need somewhere to hide
But time goes by
And your still on my side

Something in me was sinking
Cause my heart was heavy as stone
I gave up
on the brink
Not a day goes by honey
I don't think

I could be your volunteer
We'll make the whole thing disappear
Saddle up we're outta here
You could be
a movie
Instead of calling me proud

Okay, guy, you're my favorite
You're my favorite
You're my favorite
So don't give up
Don't give up
your only love and you had no doubt
But songs of the heart don't last forever
But don't you give up on love 'cause you never say never

I don't know the sound of my father's voice
I don't even know how he says my name
But it plays out like a song on a jukebox in a bar
In the back
Did you ever know
What it means to be heard?
Did you ever feel like a jerk?
Did you ever give up
On you pride
Just to have him by your side?
Well, if
when your gone
But life still goes on, you think they give a fuck?

Yo it's hot, what they got, forty one shots

Shootin' at OJ
Don't know if he
would see the sun up
Just remember when you come up
The show goes on!

Have you ever had the feeling
That you was being had
Don't that shit that make you
I smile and wave my hand, as goodbye 

Things don't work out by the way 
Planned it's almost half past two 
And I've begun to hate 
The way