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in them sad old songs settled deep in a poor boy's bones
And I vowed I'll someday pick and sing in Nashville
So my older sister Nell like a true blue
Slow down you grave robbing bastard
Stop right there I hear the constable scream
Slow down you grave robbing bastard
If they think
The crows will pick your bones"

And our ship was high upon the sea
When pirates came along
But the soldiers on our convict ship
Were full five hundred strong
But the cowboys never put much stock
In a thing like a bankrupt law
So we left the bastard's bones to bleach
On the range of the buffalo.
a hellhole

Bought a gun disciplined himself
Shoot those those bastards right between the eyes
Crime figures fell like dead leaves
The city breathed a sigh
to sellin raps, name your theme
My rise to the top, floatin on this cream
Who the hell want to stop me, I hated those who doubt me
A million ReFugees with
ride in line, shake yourself by the hand
Live your life inside a paper can
But you'll never get to pick and choose
She's bought you and sold you
When they take and part
And breaking apart
Who swim with the sharks

Pick at the eyes,
pick at the brain
Pick us, your wretchedly
The world seems out of touch now 
I don't get out so much 
I don't feel the same 
In these bones anymore 
My heels are all worn down 
the bastard's way

When my day has come and I lie beneath the dirt
People gather smiles wide and poor booze upon the earth
They'll remember all the good times but
doors of the 13th floor she prays
She says night fall gently on the weekend
When tempers are high and all those frustrations displayed

Pick up your
Those poor afflicted people of Montgomery Village

Fake farmers, straight jezebels, you know the score.
Pick up the pieces in the graveyard
Don't you color me by the way you paint your picture
I'm happy just the way I am
It's been soaked into my bones, a child under pressure
And so it began, 
The story how Elzevir would look after John as his own son,
And the smugglers betrayed on Moonfleet Bay 
by Maskew looking now
Burning hotly in your throat
Perished antiseptic inner domains
Drowning love begins to float
The familiar screams aloud
Mainline my blackened bones
Used by cops who fucked inside abandoned boarding houses
Go on fast before the beast catches the bastard
Draggin' the chain down, down, down
hungry millions you'll be sure to remain.
The natural resources are dwinding and no one grows old
And those with no homes to go to, please pick yourself
Don't know why I didn't see it before
You misused me for so long
Threw me love
Like you throw an old dog a bone
That's why the name of this
to sellin raps, name your theme
My rise to the top, floatin on this cream
Who the hell want to stop me, I hated those who doubt me
A million ReFugees with
got a bone to pick with him!
Thank you very much
Thanks a lot
capital broadening class lines
Broken by the bastards that regulate your wages
Poverty is our crime and employment is our cage

Its 1998 and the time
see was a doggone thing
I can't understand why I didn't see it before

You misused my love for so long
You throw me love like you throw a dog a bone
(Lyrics / Music--Lou Reed) Published by MGM Music

("Get your fingers in.")

Lady Godiva, dressed so demurely
Pats the head of another
And poor L-J, the sheriff, told us,
That mama got killed by her damn crack pipe.

Well I'm gonna have to find paw a good woman,
Cause he's startin'
conscious free
Your now rollin with the sounds of the be	-A-D
be	-O-why, niggaz don't be that fly
Niggaz don't see sun and we those guys

Check it out,