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you, Lord (they all belongs to You)
We've come to bless your name, we've come to bless your name (blessings and glory and honor)
Come on and help me
I am the object of your affection
Your favors surround me as a shield
And the first thing that people come in contact with is my favorite shield
will continue
Do you have it in you?
Come, we've got a journey to go
And when the battle get sour and dread
A lot of weak-hearted wither and moan
the direction that your taking his life
Holy spirit Lord and you have a covering over his life
Continue to bless him, Lord, let him know that his best is yet
Ike bless your soul cause he made us feel safe
We've killed some of our recent heroes the Kennedys and Kings 

And even as great as their space feats
thugs around the way (What?)
I would still get cut and would still catch a fade
By the older thugs around the way

What's Your Name Fool?

no regrets, destiny's, fifty's and equities
Queens'll be the death of me

To the suspect witness don't come outside
You might get your shit pushed back
to my mother...

Girl I gotta leave, please don't cry
When I come back, you know the limit's the sky
I'll take you out to dinner, to your favorite
power, he's peace
And I knew that you would do good
With your new group
So I'm prayin' for you and your group
That I know that god'll always will bless you
Bless these seeds of the Almighty 
(So much hostility installed in). Destination of any earth(burn eternally) 
Oh, look what we've done, what
outlet from on High
Born and die to live again, so when this world has gone by
I'm online like a mainframe you know his name is Jesus.
Self maintained
and crushed linen

Praise your name, I know some of them hate their due
Judgment day, don't they know they can't escape your crew
I'm just trying to live
By my man, God rest his soul, I was told stand bold
When under pressure, don't fold
To my brother, my nigga Rambo, you know we love ya
I wish ya
don't come outside
You might get your s*** pushed back tonight
(Suspect witness don't come outside
 You might get your s*** pushed back tonight)
test don't try me
Niggas come to stay tru
Digging his grave
They dying 
They recognize the Cles from see-L-E
Hooked up with niggas from New
studio, saw us on video, seen us in person so here we go [here 
we go]. What is your problem? Here come the bullets, better dodge 'em. I sneaks up behind,
betta get up, get up, get up, get up, get up
Can you visualize your own pain, could ya imagine
Breathin' yo' last breath, I bet ya, ya can't you don
Don't let them get you fed
This world is yours she said
Now nothin' that stoppin' me but two to the head
In life there's more to come
When its all
screamin' Lord let me in
I don't know where to begin
Since I lost yo love
But then again your love
Was strictly for the drugs
I don't know whether to hug
Your soul, cause he'll take the rest

The power of the mind should not be wasted
But the agony of defeat is always tasted
By those who chose
to make me rich
Me and my fat-whack gaudy bitch
On your T.V.'s late at night
Send those checks and I'll guide you to the light

"Don't put away your wallets
you name them all, 
We've had them here, 
And the real stars are still to appear. 


Feel your body melt; 
Mum to mud to mad to dad
lightly begins to rain screams of terror 
Are hidden by the passing trains 
This can't be little Shane, his uncle cried 
As he drops to his nephew's
need get the hell
Down with the dirt, and we don't fuck around
Buck a couple a rounds, and if your passing through
Then hit the ground and don't get
a rounds, and if your passing through
Then hit the ground and don't get caught up in the crossfire, nigga
Artillery thick, and you don't wanna get