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Johnny Ryall is the bum on my stoop
I gave him fifty cents to buy some soup
He knows the time with the fresh Gucci watch
He's even more over than
like that, then I get rough with'er
'cause I can do it anyway you like
Only catch is you can't stay the night
Wake up, fix your hair and your make-up
Ok! If you wanna do the duck, Forget everything about rock, Suck the duck, That's right
Do it step by step, day by day, The way I say go all the way,
the way your dress would wave
From your hips on down like electric through the ground

Now do you blow it out come Friday night?
See if you wanna, you can
know I’m crazy
We could go on all night if we wanted to
But I don’t want to

I don’t wanna talk anymore
I know enough about you to know all I wanna do is
someone to teach you love what else is there to do?
So where I'm from they call you gay and say you ain't a man
Show them you ain't no punk
Get all
once, you do you, you go head, live your life) 
We're building churches but (my pastor is on TV) 
But are we building people (I filed for divorce last
wanna do? (Party!)
Nat The Cat, you're in the house tonight, what you wanna do? (Party!)
Donald-D is in the place to be, what you wanna do? (Party!)
could roll
Wit you baby
Make some room
In your life
I don't wanna take up time
So baby what's your name

What's your name babe
Do you live around here
Verse 3: Pastor Troy

Sometimes I wonder do you miss me how I miss you
Can't wait to git back to the crib so I can kiss you
It crack me up because you
[verse 1]
Banned from our damn so called country
No claim y'all know the name
Some got the rest of the planet
To feel us damn it
Substance over style
I was addicted to tryin', never meant to do time
My epitaph will read was the last of G's
Kicked the shit to make the white man bleed
God bless
the 5th
Yeah eat a dick wit AID's on the tip, keep my name off ya lips
Not guilty!


[Beanie Sigel]
I said I'm sicker than your average
Verse 1: Pastor Troy

These niggas asking how I choose to die
Just like a muthafucking G is my only reply
Hi 7, Mac 11 with the shoulder slang
dead bodies
All these kids dying, the talk of illuminati
As I'm murderin' ink, I get a call from irv gotti
Say "keep spittin' cause when you do it's like
Have no fear, your God is near
Just say a little prayer

Nothin' beats a failure but I try
With this one life to die for
I wanna satisfy with love
Thank you, God bless you, good night I came

It's been a week without me
And she feel weak without me
She wanna talk it out but
Ain't nothing
If we were kids
I'd want to give you everything that you would want
Those other boys
They gave you toys, but all they wanna do is
Keep up
Keep up,
she missing me all on the social
That is a no no
I fired, now she wanna blow job back no to back (no so back)
You fucking the pictures in your kodak
That is a no no
I fired, now she wanna blow job back no to back (no so back)
You fucking the pictures in your kodak photo jack (photo jacking)
a beautiful place.

Everywhere I wanna be in this life
Is here by your side, baby
All I ever wanna do is get lost in lovin' you
Long as you're with me I
can you feel? my heart still pumps the blood that makes me bleed
all real and the pastor's best and I always will, do my thing

Yo let me know son, yo
keep watching

This one is sinful sentiments
I keep a pump like adrenaline
The opposite of innocent, gun play is imminent
The penmanship red, your
the omen in the moment of most
Runnin in churches with my gun, I'm nervous
Disrupt the service, ask the pastor, "Where do I worship?"
My life is
name is Slim Shady)

Hi kids! Do you like violence? (Yeah yeah yeah!)
Wanna see me stick Nine inch Nails, through each one of my eyelids? (Uh-huh!)