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With a twelve pack from 12th & Porter with Billy 
4:30 a.m. at night 

'Cause Tennessee sucks, in the summer 
What do you got that can put us
Day by day

Riddle and fool
Mushrooming home in a crowd, I'm alone
Close your eyes, lie still
You are a mountain stream and I am a hill
It is now 6:30 in the a.m
This is Baba Oje speaking directly to you
Right down to earth in a language
One can easily understand

We got a list
Day by day

Riddle and fool
Mushrooming home in a crowd, I'm alone
Close your eyes, lie still
You are a mountain stream and I am a hill
no sphere that's bright like here
Don't want to be no where but here
No where in this atmosphere
I'm good where I am

Baby slow down, take your
hitch-hiker be	
How late would man A be
In arriving at the office by 9:30 a.m.?
If he still had 6 miles to travel
And his watch was running 23 minutes slow
works itself out in the back of my mind
4..3..2.. First to First, womb to hearse get by
Is there nothing you want worse than to pass the time?
Am I
where am I goin? How am I doin?
'Til you get a clear idea

So... if Hip-Hop is about the people
And the.. Hip-Hop won't get better until the people
where Hip-Hop is going
Ask yourself: where am I going? How am I doing?
'til you get a clear idea
So if Hip-Hop is about the people
And the Hip-Hop won't
And leave no window to see through
"It's 4:30 am on a Tuesday, 
It doesn't get much worse than this"
I tried to be the kind of friend 

I always thought
I am a bus driver and it's four in the morning
And I'm pressing out my clothes beside my bed
Fourteen years been on the job
And with many miles
stunned till 8:15
By 8:31 I'm ready to scream
22 messages on my phone
I just got here and I want to go home

I want to go home

9:30, my stomach is startin
the group.
I'm a groupie that you can trust as I mount see-4 under the bus.
Cianide in your rider fruit snuck the blow gun darts by the black suits.
As many of you fans already know the route or track of the orbits, glides, etc. 
has been increased by 5,000 million kilometers 
thus enabling
Dre told me he ain't doin Detox, this his only run
Mase comin back, and Hov, he done
I'm surrounded by legends, sittin at the round table
I am
4:30 a.m. July 28
In the middle of a storm, never touchin' the brake
I drove like a bat outta hell
Down that lonely ol' four lane

With the bright
with the 30 for the round
Silent killer, I don't make a sound
Niggas cannot turn me down
I am the man in the town, yeah
Hate me or love me
An entirely new dimension of reality unfolded
Like the slow opening of a rare flower
Celestial mysteries were revealed from beyond

The atmosphere was
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 I go 730
Call up my crip partners, they goin' six-30
They go bix-30
I walk through in South Africa
I showed them my 4 Acuras
I flip it just like spatula
So suck me just like Dracula

Polo like a college boy
No I'm not
we're gonna have to rip the back out
I'm so glad that you could make it tonight
You feel that energy building the atmosphere is so appealing
I'm so
Autodiebstahl, Drogenhandel, illegale Stra├čenrennen
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Sterne Fahndungslevel
Nenn' mich Niko Bellic, nenn' mich Claude Speed
30 Kilo Koks im
It's the 8 rulez on the streets
You live by this, you won't get holed up

1, never let a nigga know yo business
2, always start what you finish
clean in a chevy,dark skin mexican standind 5'4 put the pedal to the flow hear my glass backs roll hit the the corner with the passion on my way
She caught the bus at 5:06
That's in the AM for all you little trust-fund kids.
And it's a 45 minute trip
If she ain't in by 6, she'll catch