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Alonzo "Lonnie" Johnson (February 8, 1899 – June 16, 1970) was an American blues and jazz singer/guitarist and songwriter who pioneered the role of jazz guitar and is recognized as the first to play single-string guitar solos. Johnson was not only one of the few black blues musicians invited to be 'guest featured' on a number of jazz recording sessions, he was also one of the only classic 1920's blues artists to have a revived a high-charting career after WWII.

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Hot Hundred: Blues [2014]

Tomorrow Night3:04

A Handful of Riffs [2012]

Careless Love2:57

1947-1948 [2008]

Tomorrow Night 

R & B Legends [2008]

Careless Love3:01

1948-1949 [2007]

Careless Love3:02
I Found a Dream2:46

The R&B Years 1948 [2005]

Tomorrow Night3:05

Elvis Inspiration [2004]

Tomorrow Night3:05

1948: The R&B Hits [1999]

Tomorrow Night3:06

Blues Complete [1999]

I Found a Dream2:45

Blues 'N' Folk [1997]

Tomorrow Night 

The King R&B Box Set [1996]

Tomorrow Night3:04

Tomorrow Night [1976]

Tomorrow Night3:03

Mr. Blues [LP] [1963]

Tomorrow Night 

Losing Game [1960]

Lines in My Face2:50

Unknown Album

Another Night to Cry3:23
Idle Hours3:33
Headed For Southland (1930) 
Baby, Remember Me (1942) 
Raining On The Cold, Cold Ground (1963) 
From A Wash Woman On Up (1931) 
I'm Nuts About That Gal (1932) 
More Rhythm (live, 1941) 
Winnie The Wailer (1932) 
What Makes You Act Like That? (1930) 
He's A Jelly Roll Baker (1942) 
How Could You (1947) 
Your Last Time Out (1947) 
When You Feel Low Down (1942) 
Wipe It Off (1930) 
Lonnie's Got The Blues (1926) 
That's Love (1941) 
You Can't Buy Love (1952) 
Raise The Window High (1967) 
Another Woman Booked Out And Bound To Go ('30) 
Lonesome Road (1942) 
I'm Nuts Over You (But You Just A Teaser) (1937) 
Mr. Johnson's Blues No. 2 (1929) 
I'm Just Dumb (1940) 
Life Saver Blues (1927) 
Sweet Potato Blues (1927) 
Seven Long Days (1951) 
One Sided Love Affair (1960) 
Hard Times Ain't Gone No Where (1937) 
Crowing Rooster (1941) 
Working Man's Blues (1947) 
Go Back To Your No Good Man (1932) 
There Must Be A Way (1960) 
Nothing But A Rat (1938) 
The Last Call (1942) 
Blackbird Blues (1927) 
Baby Please Don't Leave Home No More (1929) 
Be Careful (1940) 
I'm Guilty (1952) 
Four-O-Three Blues (1938) 
There's No Love (1960) 
Laplegged Drunk Again (1938) 
Low Land Moan (1927) 
Falling Rain (1941, Live) 
Sleepy Water Blues (1931) 
There Is No Justice (1932) 
It Was All In Vain (1951) 
A Good Happy Home (1926) 
Black Cat Blues (1927) 
Cat You Been Messin' Around (1932) 
Racketeers Blues (1932) 
See See Rider (1963) 
You're Getting Old On Your Job (1930) 
You Can't Give A Woman Everything She Needs ('29) 
Get Yourself Together (1940) 
Flood Water Blues (1937) 
My Love Don't Belong To You (1932) 
Ball And Chain Blues (1926) 
My Love Is Down (1944) 
Mr. Johnson's Blues (1925) 
No More Troubles Now (1930) 
Jelly Roll Baker ('60) 
It's Too Late To Cry (1991) 
Somebody's Got To Go (1941) 
Very Lonesome Blues (1926) 
Home Wreckers Blues (1931) 
Long Road To Travel (1967) 
Toothache Blues - Part 2 (1928) 
Baby, Please Tell Me (1926) 
Back-Water Blues (1927) 
Got The Blues For Murder Only (1930) 
Wrong Woman Blues (1928) 
Deep Blue Sea Blues (1928) 
Way Down That Lonesome Road (1928) 
Stay Out Of Walnut Street Alley (1927) 
She Ain't Right (1941) 
Don't Blame Her (1947) 
Death Valley Is Just Half Way To My Home ('30) 
Can't Sleep Any More (1952) 
My Mother's Eyes (1965) 
Unselfish Love (1932) 
Uncle Ned, Don't Use Your Head (1931) 
She's So Sweet (1949) 
Good Old Wagon (1926) 
Hell Is A Name For All Sinners (1931) 
She's Only A Woman (1938) 
Woman Changed My Life (1926) 
Tin Can Alley Blues (1927) 
Friendless And Blue (1938) 
She's My Mary (1938) 
Falling Rain Blues (1925) 
I Did All I Could (1941) 
Happy New Year Darling (1947) 
Drifting Along Blues (1946) 
Unkind Mama (1927) 
Rocks In My Bed (1946) 
You Had Too Much (1930) 
Men, Get Wise To Yourself (1932) 
Baby You Don't Know My Mind (1926) 
Don't Be No Fool (1940) 
Jelly Jelly (1965) 
Bed Of Sand (1926) 
You Only Want Me When You're Lonely (1951) 
Friendless Blues (1947) 
When You Always By Yourself (1967) 
Treat ‘Em Right (1927) 
She Don't Know Who She Wants (1930) 
Just Another Day (1952) 
Blues Is Only A Ghost (1931) 
Nothing But Trouble (1950) 
St. Louis Cyclone Blues (1927) 
What A Woman (1947) 
Nothin' Clickin' Chicken (1950) 
Me And My Crazy Self (1951) 
I'll Get Along Somehow (1960) 
Cotton Patch Blues (1927) 
I Just Can't Stand These Blues (1930) 
No Good Blues (1926) 
A Broken Heart That Never Smiles (1927) 
I Can't Believe (1967) 
You Don't See Into The Blues Like Me (1926) 
You Drove A Good Man Away (1926) 
Heart Of Iron (1942) 
Blue Ghost Blues (1938) 
Blues Stay Away From Me (1949) 
Haunted House (1960) 
What A Real Woman (1947) 
That Lonesome Road (1967) 
Mr. Johnson Swing (1938) 
Pouring Down Rain (1967) 
Violin Blues (1928) 
I Ain't Gonna Be Your Fool (1938) 
She's Making Whoopee In Hell Tonight (1930) 
Sun To Sun Blues (1926) 
Love Story Blues (1926) 
You Have My Life In Your Hands (1967) 
Long Black Train (1930) 
Oh! Doctor The Blues (1926) 
Newport Blues (1926) 
There's No Use Of Lovin' (1926) 
Rambler's Blues (1942) 
From Now On Make Your Whoopee At Home ('29) 
I'm So Tired Of Living All Alone (1928) 
Devil's Got The Blues (1938) 
Sweet Woman, See For Yourself (1926) 
I'm Gonna Dodge The Blues Just Wait And See (1926) 
Lonesome Jail Blues (1926) 
Fickle Mamma Blues (1927) 
Why Women Go Wrong (1938) 
She Devil (1960) 
Why Should I Cry (1951) 
Secret Emotions (live, 1941) 
I've Been A Fool Myself (1967) 
South Bound Backwater (1938) 
New Falling Rain Blues (1938) 
Keep What You Got (1946) 
I Love You, Mary Lou (1927) 
She's Drunk Again (1960) 
Sam, You're Just A Rat (1932) 
From 20 To 44 (1942) 
My My Baby (1948) 
Please Help Me (1963) 
Something Fishy (Don't Lie To Me) (1937) 
In Love Again (1941) 
I Have No Sweet Woman Now (1926) 
Jersey Belle Blues (1938) 
I Have To Do My Time (1930) 
You Know I Do (1947) 
Love Is The Answer (1947) 
Watch Shorty (1944) 
Broken Levee Blues (1928) 
She's Dangerous With That Thing (1932) 
Trust Your Husband (1938) 
I Don't Hurt Anymore (1960) 
A Story About Barbara (1961) 
Don't Wear It Out (1930) 
Best Jockey In Town (1931) 
My Last Love (1946) 
Mean Old Bedbug Blues (1927) 
Superstitious Blues (1927) 
Beautiful But Dumb (1931) 
You Didn't Mean What You Said (1961) 
Bow Legged Baby (1961) 
Mister Trouble (1967) 
Let All Married Women Alone (1930) 
Pleasing You (As Long As I Live) (1948) 
It Ain't What You Usta Be (1937) 
Don't Ever Love (1960) 
Teardrops In My Eyes (1967) 
Looking For A Sweetie (1967) 
Rocks In My Bed No. 2 (1941, Live) 
Leave Me Or Love Me (1961) 
Goodbye Kitten (1961) 
Why Did You Go (1963) 
Memories Of You (1960) 
Fly Right, Baby (1942) 
Keep It To Yourself (1930) 
The Devil's Woman (1942) 
Please Baby (1961) 
Chicago Blues (1941) 
How Could You Be So Mean (1946) 
Clementine Blues (1963) 
Man Killing Broad (1937) 
Stormy Weather (take 1) (1960) 
Nobody's Lovin' Me (1950) 
When I Was Lovin' Changed My Mind Blues (1926) 
Solid Blues (1946) 
Trouble Ain't Nothin' But The Blues (1949) 
Four Walls And Me (1960) 
No Love For Sale (1960) 
End It All (1961) 
Mitzy (1945) 
Lonesome Ghost Blues (1927) 
New Years Blues (1960) 
Tears Don't Fall No More (1967) 
Sam, You Can't Do That To Me (1930) 
New Orleans Blues (1965) 
Moanin Blues (1960) 
I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) (1965) 
Baby, Will You Please Come Home (1927) 
Love Is A Song (Your Love Is Cold) (1932) 
You Are My Life (1961) 
South Bound Water (1927) 
I Got The Blues So Bad (1961) 
Oh Yes, Baby (1961) 
You Have No Love In Your Heart (1961) 
I've Got To Get Rid Of You (1961) 
Lots Of Loving (1961) 
Sundown Blues (1929) 
Don't Drive Me From Your Door (1930) 
Darling I Miss You So (1961) 
No More Cryin' (1961) 
Losing Game (1960) 
Drunk Again (1947) 
I Know It's Love (1948) 
You Don't Move Me (1960) 
Evil Woman (1960) 
Call Me Darling (1963) 
Little Rocking Chair (1950) 
New Orleans Blues ('60) 
Make Love To Me, Baby (1961) 
Back Water Blues (1960) 
When You Fall For Some One Who's Not Your Own('28) 
Jelly Roll Baker (1947) 
Bedbug Blues Part 2 (1927) 
I Got The Best Jelly Roll In Town – Part 1 (1930) 
Bitin' Fleas Blues (1927) 
Backwater Blues (1948) 
Keghouse Blues (1928) 
Jelly Jelly (1963) 
Falling Rain Blues (1967) 
Back Water Blues (1965) 
I Got The Best Jelly Roll In Town – Part 2 (1930) 
The St. Louis Train Kept Passing By (1927) 
Stormy Weather (take 2) (1960) 
Why Should I Grieve After You're Gone (1927) 
Monkey And The Baboon (1930) 
C. C. Rider (1967) 
Low Down St. Louis Blues (1931) 
New Orleans Blues (1960) 
My Mother's Eyes (1967) 
I Got News For You, Baby (1961) 
The Loveless Love (1938) 
Falling Rain Blues (1947) 
Blue Ghost Blues (1927) 
I Found a Dream4:33
St. Louis Blues3:05
Lines in My Face2:50
Good Luck Darling3:20
When A Man Is Treated Like A Dog (1927) 
In Love Again (1946) 
Roaming Rambler Blues (1927) 
You Done Me Wrong (1947) 
Kansas City Blues-Part 2 (1927) 
I'm In Love With You (1946) 
Hot Spring Blues (Skin And Bones) (1938) 
You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now–Pt 2 (1929) 
The Entire Family Was Musicians ('67, autobiograph 
The Dirty Dozen (1930) 
The Monkey And The Baboon-Part 2 (1930) 
Deep Sea Blues (1930) 
You Won't Let Me Go (1960) 
My Little Kitten Susie (1960) 
Long Time Blues (1961) 
Home Last Night (1947) 
Cat You Been Messin Around 
Furniture Blues - Part 1 (1928) 
The Bull Frog And The Toad (1930) 
What A Difference A Day Makes (1960) 
What A Difference A Day Makes (1967) 
It Feels So Good - Part 1 (1929) 
It Feels So Good – Part 3 (1929) 
It Feels So Good - Part 2 (1929) 
Once Or Twice (1930) 
Too Late To Cry (1963) 
Lazy Woman Blues (1941) 
Bring It On Home To Mama (1965) 

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