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Alvis Edgar Owens, Jr. (August 12, 1929 – March 25, 2006), better known as Buck Owens, was an American singer and guitarist who had 21 No. 1 hits on the Billboard country music charts with his band, the Buckaroos. They pioneered what came to be called the Bakersfield sound—a reference to Bakersfield, California, the city Owens called home and from which he drew inspiration for what he preferred to call American music.

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Country Selection, Vol. 1 [2013]

Excuse Me2:30

It's Country [Play 27-7] [2013]

Excuse Me2:26

Legends of Country [2013]

Loose Talk2:34

The Best of Country [2013]

Above & Beyond2:26

Country's Greatest Duets [2012]

Loose Talk2:34

Tall Dark Stranger [2012]

I've Got a Happy Heart2:10
Somewhere Between2:53
Just a Few More Days2:00
Lonesome Valley2:43
Today I Started Loving You Again2:42
When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder2:13
Big in Vegas3:16
We Were Made for Each Other2:31
Everybody Needs Somebody2:43
The Kansas City Song2:32
I'd Love to Be Your Man2:18
Together Again2:23
Fallin' for You1:56
Cryin' Time2:45
Foolin' Around2:10
Full Time Daddy2:10
The Great White Horse3:44
Black Texas Dirt3:16
Bring Back My Peace of Mind2:39
Let the World Keep On a Turnin'2:02
High as the Mountains2:02
I've Never Had a Dream Come True Before2:46
Then Maybe I Can Get Some Sleep2:58
Your Tender Loving Care2:43
Think of Me2:09
I Thank Him for Sending Me You2:48
I Don't Care (Just as Long as You Love Me)2:02
Bridge Over Troubled Water2:39
I Am a Rock2:25
Homeward Bound2:45
The Devil Made Me Do That2:37
Everything Reminds Me You're Gone2:30
Catch the Wind2:28
San Francisco Town2:29
Within My Loving Arms2:21
Ruby (Are You Mad)2:25
Heartbreak Mountain2:34
Uncle Pen2:33
Corn Liquor2:39
Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms2:18
Ashes of Love2:12
Ole Slew Foot2:28
Rocky Top2:30
One of Everything You Got2:06
All I Want for Christmas Is My Daddy3:11
A Very Merry Christmas2:14
Good Old Fashioned Country Christmas2:13
Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy2:13
Santa's Gonna Come in a Stagecoach2:01
Tomorrow Is Christmas Day1:49
Too Old to Cut the Mustard1:54
Wham Bam2:05
You're a Real Good Friend2:18
Swinging Doors2:24
Made in Japan2:43
Arms Full of Empty2:23
Ain't It Amazing, Gracie2:09
I Love You So Much It Hurts2:36
There Goes My Love2:26
Sweethearts in Heaven2:38
A Whole Lot of Somethin'2:28
Get Out of Town Before Sundown2:50
In the Palm of Your Hand2:37
I Know That You Know (That I Love You)2:16
When You Get to Heaven (I'll Be There)2:20
Long Hot Summer2:17
Streets of Bakersfield2:37
She's Had All the Dreamin' She Can Stand2:24
Your Monkey Won't Be Home Tonight1:54
Old Faithful2:26
I Think I'm Going to Like Loving You2:12
Love Makes the World Go Around2:19
Hello Trouble1:51
(It's A) Monsters' Holiday2:37
Holdin' On2:24
Weekend Daddy2:29

Classic Country: Duets [2010]

Loose Talk2:34

Crazy Heart [2010]

Hello Trouble1:55

Open Up Your Heart: The Buck Owens & the Buckaroos Recordings 1965-1968 [2010]

Before You Go2:13
Getting Used to Loving You2:23
I Betcha Didn't Know1:58
No Fool Like an Old Fool2:48
If You Want a Love2:46
Charlie Brown2:27
Steel Guitar Rag1:51
Only You (Can Break My Heart)2:30
Hangin' On to What I Got2:26
Someone with No One to Love2:21
Blue Christmas Tree2:31
Because It's Christmas Time2:14
All I Want for Christmas is You2:14
Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy (Daddy Looked a Lot Like Him)2:16
Christmas Ain't Christmas2:21
It's Christmas Time for Everyone But Me2:15
Here Comes Santa Claus Again2:09
Blue Christmas Lights2:42
Santa's Gonna Come in a Stagecoach2:03
We Split the Blanket2:04
He Don't Deserve You Anymore3:01
Sam's Place2:02
I'm Layin' It on the Line2:26
Waitin' in Your Welfare Line2:21
That's What I'm Like Without You2:52
In the Palm of Your Hand2:29
Pray Every Day2:08
Love's Gonna Live Here2:00
Together Again2:34
Act Naturally2:26
I've Got a Tiger by the Tail2:15
My Heart Skips a Beat2:27
I Don't Care (Just as Long as You Love Me)2:11
Foolin' Around2:36
Second Fiddle2:25
Under Your Spell Again3:10
Don't Let Her Know2:40
It Was with Love2:33
Would You Be Ready2:00
Eternal Vacation2:57
Jesus Saved Me2:25
Dust on Mother's Bible3:30
You Made a Monkey Out of Me2:06
Where Does the Good Times Go2:37
Cadillac Lane2:27
Think of Me2:19
No More Me and You2:08
Open Up Your Heart2:38
The Way That I Love You2:40
Rocks in My Head2:18
Only You and You Alone2:16
Don't Ever Tell Me Goodbye2:34
Your Tender Loving Care2:47
Song and Dance2:08
The Way That I Love You [Instrumental]2:17
You'll Never Miss the Water (Till the Well Runs Dry)2:29
Happy Son of a Gun2:31
If I Knew2:37
Everybody Needs Somebody2:26
You Left Her Lonely Too Long3:00
Heartbreak Mountain2:21
It Takes People Like You (To Make People Like Me)2:04
How Long Will My Baby Be Gone2:15
Swingin' Doors2:35
Sing a Happy Song2:39
Let the World Keep on a Turnin'2:10
The Girl on Sugar Pie Lane2:02
We Were Made for Each Other2:21
Happy Times Are Here Again2:30
Sweet Rosie Jones3:37
Hurtin' Like I've Never Hurt Before2:07
There's Gotta Be Some Changes Made2:37
If I Had Three Wishes2:30
Hello California2:10
I Can't Stop My Loving You2:51
Wait a Little Longer, Please Jesus2:44
Don't Let True Love Slip Away2:50
The Great Judgement Day2:05
In God I Trust2:46
All I Want for Christmas Is My Daddy2:52
Christmas Shopping2:19
One of Everything You Got2:24
Good Old Fashioned Country Christmas2:37
A Very Merry Christmas2:30
Christmas Time Is Near3:01
Tomorrow Is Christmas Day2:03
Merry Christmas from Our House to Yours2:50
I've Got You on My Mind Again2:36
I Wanna Be Wild and Free2:06
Alabama, Louisiana, or Maybe Tennessee2:25
Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass2:24
We're Gonna Get Together2:05
White Satin Bed3:26
In the Middle of a Teardrop2:30
I Would Do Anything for You2:15
Across This Town and Gone2:26
Where Does the Good Times Go [Take 9] [Alternate Take]2:19
Where Does the Good Times Go [Take 8b] [Alternate Take]2:27
How Long Will My Baby Be Gone [Take 5A] [Alternate Take]2:22
How Long Will My Baby Be Gone [Take 9A] [Alternate Take]2:21
Cadillac Lane [Take 1] [Alternate Take]0:12
Cadillac Lane [Take 2] [Alternate Take]0:09
Cadillac Lane [Take 3] [Alternate Take]0:33
Cadillac Lane [Take 4] [Alternate Take]0:15
Cadillac Lane [Take 5] [Alternate Take]2:33
Cadillac Lane [Take 6] [Alternate Take]2:49
Cadillac Lane [Take 7] [Alternate Take]0:10
Cadillac Lane [Take 8] [Alternate Take]0:17
Cadillac Lane [Take 9] [Alternate Take]2:55
Happy Son of a Gun [Take 1] [Alternate Take]2:39
Happy Son of a Gun [Take 2] [Alternate Take]0:12
Happy Son of a Gun [Take 3] [Alternate Take]0:12
Happy Son of a Gun [Take 4] [Alternate Take]0:07
Happy Son of a Gun [Take 5] [Alternate Take]0:11
Happy Son of a Gun [Take 6] [Alternate Take]0:08
Happy Son of a Gun [Take 7] [Alternate Take]2:38
Happy Son of a Gun [Take 8] [Alternate Take]0:34
Happy Son of a Gun [Take 9] [Alternate Take]0:16
Happy Son of a Gun [Take 10] [Alternate Take]2:38
Happy Son of a Gun [Take 11] [Alternate Take]2:36
Happy Son of a Gun [Take 12] [Alternate Take]0:12
Happy Son of a Gun [Take 13] [Alternate Take]0:17
Happy Son of a Gun [Take 14] [Alternate Take]0:30
Happy Son of a Gun [Take 15] [Alternate Take]2:52

Act Naturally: The Buck Owens Recordings 1953-1964 [2008]

Down on the Corner of Love2:20
It Don't Show on Me2:14
The House Down the Block2:46
Right After the Dance2:20
There Goes My Love2:14
Sweethearts in Heaven2:55
Blue Love2:59
Please Don't Take Her from Me2:32
My Everlasting Love2:17
Second Fiddle2:04
I'll Take a Chance on Loving You2:02
Under Your Spell Again2:41
I'll Give My Heart to You2:01
Above and Beyond2:25
Excuse Me (I Think I've Got a Heartache)2:26
Take Me Back Again2:37
Think It Over2:18
Foolin' Around2:39
Nobody's Fool But Yours2:28
High as the Mountains2:22
Loose Talk2:31
Mental Cruelty2:24
I Don't Believe I'll Fall in Love Today2:24
Pick Me Up on Your Way Down2:28
Let's Agree to Disagree2:24
The Keeper of the Key2:33
Heartaches for a Dime2:29
Heartaches by the Number2:30
The Key's in the Mailbox2:28
I'll Catch You When You Fall2:10
Save the Last Dance for Me2:57
Under the Influence of Love2:19
Bad Bad Dream2:25
Fool Me Again2:33
You're for Me2:14
Blues for Life2:17
The King of Fools2:49
Bring It to Jesus2:08
All the Way with Jesus2:41
Mexican Polka2:06
Storm of Love2:37
One Way Love2:26
Kickin' Our Hearts Around2:36
Act Naturally2:28
Over and Over Again2:14
My Heart Skips a Beat2:25
Diggy Liggy Lo2:15
Cotton Fields2:12
Touch Me3:07
Saw Mill2:23
No Fool Like an Old Fool2:35
Love's Gonna Live Here2:01
Smooth Sailin'2:12
But I Do2:25
My Last Chance with You2:27
You Gotta Have a License2:16
High on a Hilltop2:32
It Tickles2:14
I Always Get a Souvenir2:20
No Love Have I2:19
Louisiana Man2:48
A Maiden's Prayer2:32
Ain't It Amazing Gracie?1:57
Together Again2:25
Close Up the Honky Tonks [Remake]2:48
Truck Drivin' Man2:33
Hello Trouble1:50
I Don't Care (Just as Long as You Love Me)2:10
Don't Let Her Know2:33
Dang Me2:00
Understand Your Man2:48
You're Welcome Anytime2:26
We're Gonna Let the Good Times Roll2:15
Cryin' Time2:29
I've Got a Tiger by the Tail2:11
Trouble and Me1:53
If You Fall out of Love with Me2:14
Fallin' for You1:59
Gonna Have Love1:54
Let the Sad Times Roll On2:13
Wham Bam2:01

Play: The Guitar Album [2008]

Come on In3:53

Trucker's Jukebox [2005]

Truck Drivin' Man2:34

Together Again [2003]

Foolin' Around2:45

Part II [2001]

Too Country3:31

Actin' Naturally [2000]

Act Naturally2:31

Remember the Titans [2000]

Act Naturally2:21

Tumbleweeds [1999]

My Heart Skips a Beat2:26

Good Time Country [1997]

Act Naturally3:00

Die Hard Country [1996]

Together Again 

Chasers [1995]

Cryin' Time2:31

Dwight Live [1995]

Streets of Bakersfield2:47

Meilensteine [1995]

Sam's Place1:56

Live at Carnegie Hall [1989]


Play the Hits [1971]

Tall Dark Stranger 

Unknown Album

Full Time Daddy 
Too Old to Cut the Mustard1:56
Ruby (Are You Mad) 
Streets of Bakersfield3:22
Second Fiddle 
The Great White Horse3:46
I Don't Care (Just As Long as You Love Me)2:03
Save the Last Dance For Me 
Together Again 
Sweethearts in Heaven2:28
Arms Full of Empty 
Bring Back My Peace of Mind 
Sam's Place 
Open Up Your Heart 
Close up the Honky Tonks 
Down on the Corner of Love1:39
Love's Gonna Live Here 
Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache) 
Under the Influence of Love 
I've Got a Tiger by the Tail 
Act Naturally 
Waitin' in Your Welfare Line 
You'll Never Miss the Water 
Today I Started Loving You Again2:41
Blues for Life2:20
Made in Japan2:39
One of Everything You Got2:24
Please Don't Take Her from Me1:36
Johnny B. Goode2:01
We Were Made For Each Other2:13
Where Does the Good Times Go 
Christmas Time's a Comin' 
What'cha Gonna Do Now? 
Tired of Livin' 
Looking Back to See 
I Don't Hear You 
Gonna Roll Out the Red Carpet3:46
This Ol' Heart 
There's Gonna Come a Day3:49
Good Old Days Are Here Again 
I Wouldn't Live In New York City 
Walk the Floors 
The One You Slip Around With4:11
High as the Mountain 
Lyin' Again3:51
Your Tender Loving Care 
It Takes People Like You (To Make People Like Me) 
Nobody's Fool But Yours2:30
Right After the Dance 
Blue Love1:16
It Don't Show on Me 
Home on Christmas Day2:13
Christmas Ain't Christmas Dear Without You2:21
Cryin' Time2:30
Act Naturally [DVD] 
Darling You Can Depend on Me 
Tall Dark Stranger 
How Long Will My Baby Be Gone 
My Heart Skips a Beat2:27
All I Want For Christmas Is You 
Crying Time 
Big in Vegas 
Adios, Farewell, Goodbye, Good Luck, So Long2:23
The Way That I Love You 
Under the Influence of Love [Mono Single Version; Bonus Track]2:22
Above and Beyond2:24
Ain't It Amazing Gracie 
Act Naturally [Live; Bonus Track]2:28
We're Gonna Get Together 
Way that I Love You 
Maybe If I Close My Eyes 
Made in Japan [Live In Japan]3:08
Dust on Mother's Bible4:18
Put a Quarter in the Jukebox5:09
Medley: Love's Gonna Live here/Cryin' Time/I've Go 
Bridge Over Troubled Waters 
There Never Was a Fool3:42
Round Hole Guitar 
Amigo Bronco3:47
Down, Down, Down 
Satan's Gotta Get Along Without Me3:27
You Ain't Gonna Have Ol' Buck to Kick Around No Mo 
Devil Made Me Do It 
I Won't Go Huntin' With You Jake 
Streets of Laredo4:56
Don't Wipe the Tears That You Cry 
Long, Long Ago 
Let the World Keep on a Turnin'2:04
Forever and Ever 
Medley: Diggy Liggy Lo/Louisiana Man 
Roll Out the Red Carpet3:00
Where Has Our Love Gone 
Loose Talk featuing Rose Maddox 
Medley: Act Naturally/Together Again 
Heart of Glass3:43
A Devil Like Me (Needs an Angel Like You)3:41
Hello Happiness Goodbye Loneliness 
(I Want) No One But You3:27
Hurry Come Running Back to Me 
Everything Reminds Me You're Gone2:31
Sally Was a Good Ole Girl 
'Til These Dreams Come True4:11
41st Street Lonely Heart's Club 
I Think I'm Going to Like Loving You 
You, You, Only You3:33
Let Me Get My Message Thru 
In the Middle of a Teardrop 
I've Got It Bad for You2:01

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