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Riley B. King ( September 16, 1925-May 14, 2015) was an American blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Rolling Stone ranked King number 6 on its 2011 list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time.

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Live In NY ‘77 [2019]

Live In NY ‘77

1996-2001 [2018]

Mini Bar Blues3:33

Mambo Americano [2018]

Mambo Americano
Mambo Chillun2:56

The Archives [2018]

The Archives
Sweet Little Angel3:01

Electric Blues [2017]

Electric Blues
Shut Your Mouth2:36

Guitar Legend [2015]

Guitar Legend
Jin-Go-Lo-Ba (Jingo)14:30

The Complete Recordings 1949-1962 [2015]

The Complete Recordings 1949-1962
Miss Martha King2:41
My Baby's Gone2:02
Walkin' and Cryin'2:51
The Other Night Blues3:36
B.B. Boogie3:15
Mistreated Woman2:45
B.B. Blues2:27
Shake It Up and Go2:30
Hard Working Woman2:32
She Don't Move Me No More3:04
She's Dynamite2:30
Fine Looking Woman2:18
Pray for You2:26
It's My Own Fault3:21
Bye Bye Baby2:29
Please Hurry Home2:45
Everything I Do Is Wrong2:24
Jump With You Baby2:11
You Know I Love You3:05
Please Love Me2:51
You Upset Me Baby3:02
Bad Luck2:53
Ten Long Years2:47
Sweet Little Angel3:12
Blind Love3:01
Crying Won't Help You2:59
Woke Up This Morning2:57
Everyday I Have the Blues2:48
I'm Cracking Up Over You2:51
Let's Do the Boogie2:26
Did You Ever Love a Woman2:33
You Can't Fool My Heart2:44
My Heart Belongs To You2:21
You Don't Know2:26
Early in the Morning2:35
I Want to Get Married2:49
When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer2:54
Troubles, Troubles, Troubles2:55
Don't You Want a Man Like Me2:20
Boogie Woogie Woman2:48
Ruby Lee2:36
You Know I Go for You2:38
What Can I Do?2:48
You've Been an Angel2:39
Please Accept My Love2:33
Mean Old Frisco2:31
Don't Look Now, But I've Got the Blues2:42
Past Day3:16
Tomorrow Is Another Day2:57
I Love You So2:55
We Can't Make It2:40
Treat Me Right2:23
The Woman I Love2:39
Time to Say Goodbye2:08
Sweet Thing2:54
Sugar Mama2:44
Come By Here2:16
Someday Baby2:50
Whole Lotta' Love3:10
Be Careful With a Fool2:51
(I'm Gonna) Quit My Baby2:33
Days of Old2:28
Sweet Sixteen6:12
Sneaking Around3:01
Don't Get Around Much Any More3:23
Servant's Prayer3:03
Precious Lord3:24
Save a Seat for Me3:03
Jesus Gave Me Water3:02
I'm Working on the Building2:47
I Was Blind3:07
I Had a Woman2:49
Long Nights (The Feeling They Call the Blues)3:34
Feel Like a Million3:32
I'll Survive2:44
Good Man Gone Bad2:48
If I Lost You2:42
I'm King2:19
Mr. Pawn Broker3:12
Driving Wheel2:49
Cat Fish Blues (Fishin' After Me)2:30
Walking Dr. Bill (O D)3:41
You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now5:14
Bad Case of Love2:22
Get Out of Here2:41
Shut Your Mouth2:40
Bad Luck Soul2:13
Peace of Mind2:18
I'm Gonna Sit Till You Give In2:35
Tomorrow Night2:12
You're Gonna Miss Me2:22
Troubles Don't Last2:59
I Can't Explain3:33
The Wrong Road3:02
I Need You Baby3:28
So Many Days3:20
Down Now3:05

The Complete Singles As & Bs: 1949-62 [2015]

The Complete Singles As & Bs: 1949-62
Miss Martha King2:41
Mistreated Woman2:46
B.B. Boogie3:16
Other Night Blues3:36
Walkin' and Cryin'2:51
My Baby's Gone2:02
Don't You Want a Man Like Me2:21
B.B. Blues2:28
She's Dynamite2:30
She's a Mean Woman2:32
Hard Working Woman2:33
3 O'Clock Blues3:01
That Ain't the Way to Do It2:19
Fine Lookin' Woman2:17
She Don't Move Me No More3:05
Shake It Up and Go2:31
You Know I Love You3:05
Boogie Woogie Woman2:48
Woke Up This Morning (My Baby She Was Gone)2:57
Please Love Me2:51
Please Hurry Home2:43
Blind Love3:01
The Woman I Love2:40
Everything I Do Is Wrong2:25
Don't You Want a Man Like Me [1954 Version] [Version]2:39
When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer2:54
Bye Bye Baby2:30
You Upset Me Baby3:02
Whole Lotta Love3:10
Everyday I Have the Blues2:48
Sneakin' Around3:01
Jump With You Baby2:12
Lonely and Blue2:57
Shut Your Mouth2:41
Ten Long Years2:47
What Can I Do2:38
I'm Cracking Up Over You2:51
Ruby Lee2:36
Crying Won't Help You3:00
Sixteen Tons2:32
Did You Ever Love a Woman2:33
Let's Do the Boogie2:26
Bad Luck2:53
Sweet Little Angel3:13
On My Word of Honor2:55
Early in the Morning2:34
I Want to Get Married2:49
Troubles, Troubles, Troubles2:55
Quit My Baby2:33
Be Careful With a Fool2:48
The Key to My Kingdom2:32
You Know I Go for You3:15
Why Do Everything Happen to Me2:50
Days of Old2:28
Please Accept My Love2:32
You've Been an Angel2:39
Worry Worry2:42
The Fool2:40
Come by Here2:16
Woman I Love2:40
Time to Say Goodbye2:07
Every Day I Have the Blues2:49
Sugar Mama2:43
Mean Old Frisco2:31
Sweet Sixteen, Pts. 1 & 26:12
Partin' Time3:01
Good Man Gone Bad2:44
Walking Dr. Bill3:43
You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now5:14
Bad Luck Soul2:18
Get Out of Here2:39
Peace of Mind2:16
Someday Baby2:34
Bad Case of Love2:19
Gonna Miss You Around Here2:53
Tell Me Baby3:26
Going Down Slow2:51

Blues Café [2014]

Blues Café
Sinner's Prayer4:23

Blues Flashback [2014]

Blues Flashback
The Thrill Is Gone5:04

Country Flashback [2014]

Country Flashback
All My Trials4:40

Soul Flashback, Vol. 2 [2014]

Soul Flashback, Vol. 2
Blind Love2:56

The Art of McCartney [2014]

The Art of McCartney
On the Way3:19

The Blues [2014]

The Blues
You Don’t Have to Go 

50 Rockin' Hits, Vol. 60 [2013]

50 Rockin' Hits, Vol. 60

Best Of [Lost Highway] [2013]

Best Of [Lost Highway]
Night Life4:25

Bluesy Mood [2013]

Bluesy Mood
Please Love Me2:49

Folk Legends [2013]

Folk Legends
Rake & Rambling Boy1:58

Absolutely the Best: 101 Classic Tracks [2012]

Absolutely the Best: 101 Classic Tracks
Everyday I Have the Blues4:59
Troubles, Troubles, Troubles2:58
We Can't Make It2:40
B.B. Blues2:25
Treat Me Right2:23
Time to Say Goodbye2:10
Ten Long Years2:45
Someday Baby2:54
Catfish Blues2:33
I Gotta Find My Baby2:43
B.B. Boogie3:09
Three O'Clock Blues2:59
The Other Night Blues3:38
Walkin' and Cryin'3:26
She Don't Move Me No More3:08
Pray For You2:29
That Ain't the Way To Do It2:18
She's a Mean Woman2:37
Fine Looking Woman2:20
Miss Martha King2:40
My Baby's Gone1:58
Don't You Want a Man Like Me2:18
Hard Workin' Woman2:32
You Know I Love You3:05
A New Way of Driving1:54
She's Dynamite2:28
Don't Look Now, But I've Got the Blues2:45
Sneaking Around3:00
Shake It Up and Go2:38
Boogie Woogie Woman2:48
Whole Lotta Love3:08
Mistreated Woman2:49
Jump With You Baby2:13
Bad Luck2:51
Did You Ever Love a Woman2:31
The Fool2:42
Early Every Morning2:31
I Want To Get Married3:03
Woke Up This Morning2:57
You Upset Me Baby3:01
Blind Love2:54
Please Love Me2:48
Come By Here2:17
When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer2:55
Walking Dr Bill3:42
So Many Days3:20
You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now5:09
The Woman I Love2:43
Ruby Lee2:40
I Love You So2:55
You've Been an Angel2:42
Crying Won't Help You2:56
Troubles Don't Last3:28
Hold That Train3:59
Please Accept My Love2:36
You Know I Go For You2:41
Days of Old2:29
Why Do Things Happen To Me2:49
I Can't Explain3:31
Sweet Thing2:56
Tomorrow is Another Day2:57
Mr. Pawnbroker3:15
You Don't Know2:24
Driving Wheel2:52
You're Gonna Miss Me2:49
Sweet Little Angel3:00
Low Rider2:40

Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. B.B. King [2012]

Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. B.B. King
B.B. Boogie3:12
She's Dynamite2:31
3 O'Clock Blues3:02
Woke Up This Morning (My Baby She Was Gone)2:57
Blind Love3:06
When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer2:55
You Upset Me, Baby3:03
Ten Long Years4:40
Bad Luck2:55
Troubles, Troubles, Troubles2:55
Early In The Morning4:50
Everyday I Have The Blues5:06
It's My Own Fault3:34
Walking Dr. Bill3:41
Rock Me Baby3:00
Blues At Midnight2:59
Sneakin' Around2:07
How Blue Can You Get?2:44
I Wonder Why3:07
Please Accept My Love2:57
Help The Poor2:38
Never Trust A Woman2:36
Every Day I Have The Blues3:08
Sweet Little Angel3:48
Please Love Me3:01
All Over Again2:36
Tired Of Your Jive2:10
Cherry Red2:26
Don't Answer The Door5:11
Night Life2:34
Gambler's Blues5:13
Sweet Sixteen, Pt. 1 & 26:12
Worried Dream2:54
Paying The Cost To Be The Boss2:35
Watch Yourself5:50
Why I Sing The Blues8:38
Confessin' The Blues4:55
The Thrill is Gone5:25
Nobody Loves Me But My Mother1:27
Chains And Things4:55
Worry, Worry10:03
Ghetto Woman5:15
Ain't Nobody Home3:15
Guess Who4:10
I Like To Live The Love3:33
Let The Good Times Roll5:39
When It All Comes Down (I'll Still Be Around)4:13
Better Not Look Down3:22
There Must Be A Better World Somewhere5:39
Nightlife/Please Send Me Someone To Love4:35
Make Love To Me4:20
Into The Night4:13
When Love Comes To Town4:18
Take Off Your Shoes5:35
I'm Moving On4:17
There Is Always One More Time8:26
Playin' With My Friends5:19
Blues Man5:19
I'll Survive4:52
Ain't That Just Like A Woman3:33
Monday Woman3:35
Key To The Highway4:26
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean4:48
Reconsider Baby2:55
Don't Make Me Pay For His Mistakes3:17
I Know The Price3:09

Sun 60th Anniversary [2012]

Sun 60th Anniversary
B.B. Blues2:30

The Roots of U2 [2012]

The Roots of U2
Save a Seat for Me3:01

Triple Best Of [2012]

Triple Best Of
Since I Met You Baby2:52

A Bad Case of the Blues [2011]

A Bad Case of the Blues
Blind Love3:01

King of the Boogie [2011]

King of the Boogie
You Shook Me5:01

Mojo Bones [2011]

Mojo Bones
Sweet Sixteen 

Black Rock [2010]

Black Rock
Night Life3:24

Pentangling [2009]


Rockin' Memphis [2008]

Rockin' Memphis
B.B. Boogie3:17
She's Dynamite2:32

Sweet Soul Music: 1964 [2008]

Sweet Soul Music: 1964
Rock Me Baby2:58

Blues Roads [2007]

Blues Roads
Please Love Me2:52

Forever Ray Charles [2007]

Forever Ray Charles
Sinner's Prayer4:25

Rock Charts [2007]

Rock Charts
Heartbreaker [DVD] 

True Drivetime [2006]

True Drivetime
Ain't Nobody Home3:09

True Soul [2006]

True Soul
The Thrill is Gone5:21

Authentic Blues [2005]

Authentic Blues
Three O'Clock Blues3:02

Songs [2005]

Night Life4:28

Zucchero & Co. [2005]

Zucchero & Co.
Hey Man: Sing a Song4:38

Lightning in a Bottle [2004]

Lightning in a Bottle
Sweet Sixteen6:31

Real. Good. Music. [2004]

Real. Good. Music.
Time Marches On4:18

Blues Singer [2003]

Blues Singer
Crawlin' Kingsnake5:17

Good Morning Bluesman [2003]

Good Morning Bluesman
Rock Me Baby3:02

Monster Love [2003]

Monster Love
Please Love Me4:29

Ultimate Blue [2003]

Ultimate Blue
Got My Mojo Working4:39

Big Blues Box [2002]

Big Blues Box
Sweet Sixteen7:00

Black & Proud [2002]

Black & Proud
The Thrill Is Gone5:00

Trouble Bound [2002]

Trouble Bound
I Wish You Would3:07

All Access [MCA] [2001]

All Access [MCA]
Rock Me Baby 

Baila Sexy Thing [2001]

Baila Sexy Thing
Hey Man4:48

Blues Legendes [2001]

Blues Legendes
The Thrill Is Gone5:26

Dot Com Blues [2001]

Dot Com Blues
Three O'Clock Blues4:33

Monster Blues [2001]

Monster Blues
Mean Ole' World4:30

Pure Blues [2001]

Pure Blues
The Thrill Is Gone4:01