...Next Stop Is Vietnam: The War on Record 1961-2008

13Soldier's Plea2:45 
14Letter to a Buddie3:43 
15Soldiers Who Want to Be Heroes2:10 
16The Cruel War3:30 
17The Infiltration Blues [#]2:28 
18President Eisenhower Warns of a "Military Industrial Complex":26 
19Masters of War4:34 
111"We're at War in Violation of the Constitution...":45 
112There's a War2:34 
113President Johnson Reports Attacks in the Gulf of Tonkin and Requests a1:30 
115Mr. Where Is Viet-Nam3:23 
117Our Daddy's in Vietnam2:18 
118The Willing Conscript2:15 
119Goodbye High School (Hello Viet Nam)2:31 
120Teenage Soldier Boy2:40 
122The Universal Coward3:06 
125We Ain't at War3:00 
126Told the Nation3:06 
128Christmas in Viet Nam3:12 
229Marching Off to War3:19 
230Battle of Vietnam2:27 
231The Battle of Viet Nam2:26 
232Hello Vietnam3:10 
233Hello Viet Nam (Goodbye My Love)2:10 
234It's for God, and Country, and You Mom (The Ballad of Viet Nam)3:27 
235Fightin' for the U.S.A.2:14 
236Is This a Useless War2:05 
237The Ballad of the Green Berets2:31 
238SSgt. Barry Sadler Interviewed by Four Students2:35 
239He Wore the Green Beret2:21 
240The Son of a Green Beret (A Child's Ballad of the Green Beret)2:09 
241The "A" Team2:09 
242Marine's Ballad2:33 
243Mind Your Manners, Boys3:07 
244CBS's Morley Safer with Marines at the Village of Cam Ne2:24 
245Off to Viet Nam (In the Green)2:42 
246Soldier in Viet Nam3:08 
247Postmarked Viet Nam2:14 
248A Fearless Soldier3:34 
249Gallant Men2:43 
250Bob Hope Introduces Honey Ltd. While on tour in Vietnam:16 
251The Warrior2:56 
253Danny Fernandez2:06 
255The Medic2:58 
256Nurse in the U.S. Army Corp[s]1:17 
257Brave Men Not Afraid2:38 
258"Sensational Results...":19 
259When the Green Berets Come Home2:48 
360Uncle Sam Called Me (I Got to Go)4:10 
361Greetings (Uncle Sam Wants You)2:08 
362Here Comes Uncle Sam3:22 
364The Ballad of Our Times2:41 
365President Johnson Warns That "There Will Be Some Nervous Nellies...":28 
366Hey! Uncle Sam2:53 
367I Gotta Go to Vietnam4:25 
368Uncle Sam2:32 
369Fightin' for Sam2:59 
371Draft Time Blues2:27 
372Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam)3:05 
373Conscientious Objector2:40 
375David McReynolds Explains Why He Burned His Draft Card:42 
377The First Draft Lottery Birth Date - September 14 - Is Announced:31 
378The Red White & Blue3:14 
379PSA to Parents from Bing Crosby:32 
380An Open Letter to My Teenage Son4:10 
381A Letter to Dad2:57 
382Letter from a Teenage Son2:55 
383Please Mr. Johnson2:41 
384Little Becky's Christmas Wish3:09 
385Wish You Were Here with Me3:03 
386Army Bound2:40 
387I Will Wait2:46 
388What's Been Going on in Viet Nam2:00 
389Does Anybody Know I'm Here?3:16 
491Hell No, I Ain't Gonna Go3:27 
492The War Drags On3:43 
493Kill for Peace2:11 
494I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Rag3:47 
497PSA by Merv Griffin Regarding Upcoming 1968 Elections:37 
498Eugene McCarthy for President (If You Love Your Country)3:13 
499Senator Eugene McCarthy Speaks on Vietnam:42 
4101President Nixon Speaks on Vietnam and the Future of America:24 
4102Fortunate Son1:46 
4103Moratorium Speaker: "No More War...":57 
4105Ballad of Two Brothers3:33 
4106President Nixon Complains About "Bums on Campus..."1:01 
4107Mister Professor2:30 
4108President Nixon Announces "Cambodian Incursion":53 
4109Brigadier General Robert Canterbury, Ohio National Guard, Explains What1:26 
4110Monday in May (The Kent State Tragedy)3:03 
4111The Kent State Massacre3:46 
4112A Kent State Student: "They Didn't Have Blanks...":20 
4113Arthur Krause, Kent State Father: "Is This a Reason for Killing Her...?:46 
4114Student Demonstration Time3:57 
4117I Should Be Proud2:58 
5120The Viet Nam Blues2:38 
5121There Won't Be Any Snow (Christmas in the Jungle)2:57 
5122I Wanna Help Hurry My Brothers Home3:02 
5123It's America, Love It or Leave It1:53 
5124Keep the Flag Flying2:20 
5125What's Come Over This World2:59 
5126The Minute Men (Are Turning in Their Graves)2:26 
5127Day for Decision5:47 
5128The Ballad of the Yellow Beret2:31 
5129Wish You Were Here, Buddy2:16 
5130Gen. Westmoreland: "Militarily We Have Never Been in a Better Relative:15 
5131We Are Winning [#]2:37 
5132Kathy's Letter4:39 
5133Dear Mr. President4:47 
5134Letter from a Boy in Vietnam2:58 
5135Ballad of the Unknown Soldier2:14 
5136Freedom's Cause2:11 
5137PSA for Patriotism by Anita Bryant1:01 
5138"What The..." (Is Going on in Washington)2:44 
5140Vice President Spiro Agnew Talks About a "Spirit of National Masochism.:56 
5141Keep Our Country Free2:20 
5143War's Cross2:37 
5144Ballad of My Lai3:45 
5145Mike Wallace, CBS News, Interviews Paul Meadlo About My Lai1:15 
5146Pinkville Helicopter3:50 
5148Lt. Calley Found Guilty of Crimes at My Lai:39 
5149The U.S.A. Soldier3:15 
5150Set Calley Free, Pt. 12:34 
6151The Unknown Soldier3:25 
6152War Is Hell3:22 
6153Morley Safer, CBS News, Reports a Death in the Jungle:30 
6154Viet Nam3:45 
6155Waitin' for the V.C. to Come2:36 
6156A Letter from Viet Nam (To Mother)2:46 
6157Street Without Joy, Pt. 13:29 
6158Out Here in Viet-Nam3:06 
6159A Soldier Writes Home from "Hamburger Hill":37 
6161Freckle-Faced Soldier3:11 
6162The Gentle Soldier3:18 
6163Fellows in Vietnam3:12 
6164My Soldier Boy Over There3:06 
6165The Return of a Soldier2:58 
6166My World Ended in South Viet Nam Sweetheart2:52 
6167And They Were Five3:37 
61684:00 A.M. in Viet Nam3:16 
6169Follow Me2:24 
6170John Laurence, CBS News, Interviews a G.I. About "Suicide Walk":53 
6171Sir, My Men Refuse to Go3:13 
6172Run Through the Jungle3:00 
6175President Nixon Sets Out His "Vietnamization" Policy:57 
6176Vietnam Rotation Blues2:35 
6177The Soldier's Prayer3:11 
6178The War Keeps Draggin' On2:56 
7179Goodbye Travis Air Force Base2:26 
7182Bamiba (Ba Muoi Ba)2:34 
7183Saigon Girls3:01 
7184Saigon Warrior4:24 
7185Battle Hymn of the Republic of Vietnam3:26 
7186Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara Comments on the War's Progress:27 
7187McNamara's Band:50 
7188Southeast Asia's Disneyland1:44 
7190Six Klicks2:05 
7191Ballad of the USS St. Francis River2:25 
7192Brave Boys3:27 
7193The Men of MAG-162:58 
7194I Fly the Line1:57 
7195Phu Cat Star2:10 
7197Army Aviation3:13 
7198Jolly Green2:52 
7199"This Is the American Forces Vietnam Network, Where the Hits Just Keep:21 
7200Armed Forces Radio4:08 
7201We Gotta Get Out of This Place3:24 
7202Introduction to "A Date with Chris":38 
7205Boonie Rat Song3:44 
7206I've Been Everywhere1:57 
7207Played Around and Stayed Around Vietnam Too Long3:32 
7208Freedom Bird3:12 
8211Sign of the "V"3:47 
8212The Real Silent Majority5:06 
8213Please Settle in Vietnam4:12 
8214Winding the War Down/McGovern-Hatfield Amendment to End the War1:06 
8215Johnny's Not a Toy Soldier2:40 
8216Pencil Marks on the Wall2:44 
8217Why (A Peace Medley)3:03 
8219Chant for Peace2:38 
8222Congratulations (You Sure Made a Man Out of Him)4:02 
8223President Nixon: "I Call on Hanoi to Release All POWs...":58 
8224MIA/POW (Prisoner of War Song)3:18 
8225Prisoner of War3:56 
8226I Promise I'll Wait2:18 
8227President Nixon: "Peace with Honor in Vietnam":19 
8228When the Brothers Come Marching Home2:49 
8229John Laurence, CBS News: "A Cease Fire Has Come...":35 
8230The Story of Vietnam2:16 
8231SP4 Tom Fowlston, AFVN News, Reports on POW Releases:42 
8232Prisoner of War (Welcome Back Home)3:20 
8233Welcome Home POW2:28 
9234The War Is Over3:16 
9235We Are Glad That Our Boys Are Coming Home3:05 
9236Welcome the Boys Back Home3:25 
9237A Long Long Time Ago4:19 
9238Ballad of the Plastic Prince3:59 
9239Returning Home from Vietnam2:50 
9240(The Two Wars Of) Old Black Joe4:24 
9241Wallace Terry Interviews Black Fighting Men in Vietnam1:18 
9244Hanoi Hannah News Broadcast Excerpt1:55 
9245Hanoi Hannah2:55 
9246Jane Fonda Hanoi Press Conference Excerpt2:59 
9247Hanoi Jane2:47 
9248Napalm Sticks to Kids4:23 
9249The Americans (A Canadian's Opinion)4:54 
9250An American's Answer (To Gordon Sinclair)2:57 
9251Text of President Jimmy Carter's Pardon for Draft Dodgers:22 
9252True Red White & Blue Never Run (Amnesty Be Damned)2:57 
9254Born on the Fourth of July3:43 
9256Soldier of 'Nam3:09 
10259Long Black Wall2:53 
1026319 in Vietnam2:42 
10264Walking on a Thin Line5:11 
10267Copperhead Raod4:32 
10269Salute the Boys of Vietnam3:13 
10270They're Still Heroes Today3:38 
10271Song for the Unsung Soldiers3:29 
10272Bring 'Em on Home from 'Nam3:05 
10273The Forgotten Man4:12 
10274The Vets' Song4:17 
10275Veteran's Song (Welcome Home)4:23 
10276Combat Vet2:53 
11277Cowboys on Horses with Wings3:33 
11280Riding with Private Malone4:36 
11281Ride to the Wall4:45 
11284Vietnam Foreign Correspondent3:33 
11285The Girl in the Picture (Napalm Girl)5:02 
11286Ballad of Billy Saigon6:53 
11287Song for Hugh Thompson3:12 
11288Back in Vietnam3:10 
11290Thank You Vets5:05 
11291Sons and Daughters3:25 
11292Don't Give Us a Reason2:37 
11293Theme for an American Hero3:49 
12294I Ain't Here Alone4:17 
12296Quang Tri City2:27 
12297Pretty Place5:18 
12298Viet Vet1:39 
12299Get Me Out of Vietnam2:45 
12300I Didn't Go to 'Nam But I Do Give a Damn4:16 
12302Johnny Rambo2:34 
12303I Should Have Been in Tokyo3:15 
12304Bobby's Saigon Boogie3:23 
12305A.P.O. San Francisco4:23 
12308The Girl Next Door (Combat Nurse)3:26 
12309The Women on the Wall5:16 
12310Who Are the Names on the Wall4:57 
12311The Wall4:32 
12312Finally Welcomed Home3:39 
12313Vietnam: Still Part of Who I Am5:01 
12314Dr. Fall3:20 
13315Walking Time Bomb2:37 
13316Leroy's Song2:35 
13317This Shirt of Mine3:34 
13318It's Just a Nam Thing6:04 
13319Shell Shock PTSD5:51 
13320Hot L.Z. (Thorazine Shuffle)3:00 
13321I'm Certified3:21 
13322The Jungleman4:39 
13323Agent Orange Song3:56 
13324Thanks, Secret Agent3:56 
13325It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over, Over Here3:26 
13326The Claymore Polka2:21 
13327VA Shuffle4:00 
13328Forgotten Man4:21 
13329Veteran's Lament4:29 
1333020 Years of Tears4:56 
13331What Kind of Men3:40 
13332American Heroes3:15 
13333Vietnam I'm Dreamin' Dreamin' On4:52 
13334Time to Lay It Down (aka The Wall)3:41 
14335[CD-ROM Track] [Multimedia Track]  

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