I see a mountain
You see a miracle
I see a wasteland
You see a garden
I see dry bones
You see an army
I see impossible
You see everything

I see a seed
You see a harvest
I see the water
You see the wine
I see the broken
You see your body
I see my enemy
You see your footstool

You are i am, but i’ve
Been so blind all this time
My god touch me, i want
To see the way that you sse

I see my sins
You sin your blood
I see a baby
You see a saviour
I see my failures
You see redemption
I see a beggar
You see a son

I see my father
You see your son
I see a shepherd
You see your lamb
I see my saviour
You see your joy
I see your eyes
Staring at mine
Lyrics submitted by Wanda Jones.