Worthy Of [*]
by Justin Timberlake

Girl I find you so amazing,
With every day I learn more about you.
The way you work day out and day in,
And still find time for us too.
I like the fact that you're there for me when I feel down,
No matter what I'm going through.
Lately I've been questioning myself,
Am I good enough for you?

Am I worthy of,
Am I man enough,
Am I Strong enough
To maintain this love/
You've got me questioning,
Got me wondering,
Could I be that man
that could keep you happy?

I know that there'll be times when I am miles away,
And you'll be all alone,
I constantly fight my own insecurities
When I can't reach you by phone.
And oh, Lord knows that I am only human,
So please forgive me if I ask so many silly questions.
I know that you truly love me but,
Fear has me second guessing.


Girl, excuse my ways,
I'm not trying to push your love away.
It's just that sometimes my imagination gets the best of me.
I still love you baby.

(Chorus 2x)

Yeah, yeah.
I wanna keep you happy.
Lyrics submitted by Amy.