When You Called My Name
by Newsboys

I want to preach the Word
They want massages
I check chapter and verse
They check their watches

I spy another yawn
I might as well be gone
Let's stand and say "Amen"
Some days I must admit

I still don't get this
Could be it's time to quit
When days get like this
I slip into the night

Then stumble towards the light
Wake up and try again

When You called my name
I didn't know how far the calling went
When You called my name
I didn't know what that word really meant
When I recall Your call
I feel
So small

Could be I'm losing touch
Could be they don't care
Lord knows I don't know much
Lord knows I've been there
I trip toward my retreat
I fall down at Your feet
Get up and try again


Lord, what did you see
When you called out for me?

I start losing heart
And then
It comes again
Lifted from despair
By the prayers of someone
Lifted form despair
By the prayers of someone

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