Watch Me Fly...
by Crush 40

Well, I've been wonderin' bout who I am
And just how far I'd drive to see the end
I started from
When I believe I've won

And as the sweat rolls down my face
I put my heart into this place of mine
Go back in time
To see what I'm living in

My wil, my way
My fear fades away
With wings, I fly high
Watch me fly

It's just my wild heart movin' in
It's just my will to live the win, you know
I need it so
Life's when the race begins

And all the years I've wondered why
I've stared at speed with open eyes, you see
It lives in me
Now that's what sets me free


I keep this fire burning inside me
The thrill of desire
Coming over, over me...

[Guitar Solo]

Now I believe whether near or far
The road is windy there, where you are
Try to take the curve
Next turn, another learned

And so I finally see my way
Straight and true pass yesterday, my friend
I've waited for, the thrill, the chase forever more

Watch me fly...
Lyrics submitted by Greg.