Victim of Choices
by After Forever

See my life, the failure, you`ll make the same mistakes
a child, marriage, your choices, they`re all in your hands

Where were you when I needed you
Your interference is not welcome now

I can`t believe these words
showing feelings that he never had,such a human behaviour
did she teach him these feelings of hate

Stop! I want you to listen
There is so much at stake
the child, victim of choices
She could never make

I listened but you never spoke
this child is not yours

What are they talking about
Her voice full of compassion
She`s warning of things from the past
a victim of choices

Give her a chance to explain why she`s here
She will interfere with all that we are
Maybe her fear is a sign she`s for real
Her fear is too late,she is to blame

Fighting and blaming, they don`t know much more
It scares and excites me, the past repeats itself

NO! We`re all victims

I try to feel and understand
That their distant past is like my life today
It`s a circle, a curse
I am one of the victims
One of their, one of your victims
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