Up/down (let it go!)

up it's jessi down can't be me can't stop me can't copy
My recipe let it go

the dance floor it
Knows me radio ready
Got this on cd on repeat
I'm in ya speaker
The rhythm got bodies talking
You know you want to so let go
You hear it calling

the sound of art in motion
Everybody get down
When jessi come around dance floor shuts down

you wanna get into something
That ain't bout nothing just let it go
Turn it up I'll put it down
Get it up I'll put it down down
You hear the beat jumpin' through the speakers
They bout to blow
They burnin' up I put it down
Turn it up I'll put it down
Can't stop me can't copy my recipe let it go

go when the beat goes do just do what you hear
Let go of your troubles put that in the air
You know you want to so let go you hear it callin'
Forget the drama let that all be broken by

(repeat chorus)

everybody has their ups and downs
You just gotta let it go
We're right here right now
Don't let it stop your show
So you should lay your cares on the radio

(repeat chorus)
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