The Battle is the Lord's
by Yolanda Adams

Everywhere that I go
I must tell everyone of the Savior I know
And the things He has done
He's the truth and the life
And there's no other way to the Father, but by Him

Long ago when He knew you'd be out on a limb
He gave His life for you, can't you live yours for Him?
He's the Almighty rock and you won't have a firm foundation
Unless you're built on Him

You can't live without Him
You can't move without Him
You can't breathe without Him
You can't think about doing one thing without Him

You can't do without Him
'Cause there's no you without Him
Because He's the only way
The only way

There's no other name
Than the name of Jesus
There's no one
Than the one who frees us

There's no other way
No other way
What more can I say?
He's the only only way
The only way
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