Thank God im Famous
by Lil Wayne

ok....I spit dat, git back, im intact,
in fact the authors athentic
Are u.....slick like syntech, inject, even the paralized feel ma impact
As i...... skin back over ma words thats on the pagein line,
i dont write i get high and i egnight,
.......i got a serious mental plan and dental plan and u dont want to bring the giant out of a genta-man,
Gee-goly giga bites and a gorillas hands to side of a nigga face like i dont giva damn,
Even if he wit his mans and em's, i....plans and limbs, all over his pants and tims,
And i wasn't fortunet to grown up like the sim, but instead i blew up b4 i grew up.......
i spin 8 and put 2 up, cause u never know when i have to do what,.......
Who and,.... do who than you, and you 2 and...u 2.....woo-hoo hm hm
Now im co-co like bird wit my words, im po-po meaning im the shit on you terds,
3x - Yes and i get your nerves
And sit on your mind, like piss on the curve
2x - bitch
dont desterve 2x - me
while im 2x - working
you are just alittle urking
up in the game
shit i must be first string, i like my tugs baggy and my terff 2x - clean,
check ma pattern sceem, i problably have rock from the moon and saturns 2x - rings
And who badder, give em a ladder, tell them climb on up hear and watch me get at her,
The bad a part about it is, these nigga hate,
but you wont even get a bar on my mix tape, im probably on a boat feedin da bitch grapes,
and crapes,
in a way thats french pancakes,
parden ma french, parden the stench,
but i.....smoke that brench till ma eyes schwench,
i meant.... squent, im so bent, like a dent,
but bitch im still no Clark Kent..........

2x- Cause Ma ma use to tell me not to let nobody fuck wit me, its stuck wit me,
i keep it real to the world....publicly,.......unbelive- able

Cause she said, they love u than they hate ya, And its all about animal nature,
Son just watch ur damn behavior,
seven feet animals has a tamer,
i was in the room were the gangsta came up,
to go down like the rain, and dat the drays up, sssssss
Lyrics submitted by charles.