Sunny Day
by Brandy

Chorus (2x)

What's a sunny day without you
Just another 24 that passes.

As I sit upon the grass in the shade
I remain on what we had the romance
That's we shared strolling through the park
Two people in love walking hand in hand
But now that your gone I feel so alone
All I do is think of you till the
day you return doesn't mean a thing.

Chorus (2x)

It's funny how you learn from your mistakes
Sometimes we take things for granted
But now that I have a chance to make it right
I wianna give you
I wanna give you all my love oh oh

But now ( but now)
That your gone (that your gone)
I feel (I feel so alone)
All I do is think of you
Till the day you return
It doesn't mean a thing

Chorus 4x

What's a sunny day without you 4x

(Sing Chorus till fade)
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