Streets of Gold
by 3OH!3

You can say it all and I can bite my tongue.
'Cause it would take all week to tell you where I'm from.
I know what you're about.
Why don't you close your mouth and step right over here so we can dance this out.

These lazy days are way too long, like razor blades under your tongue.
And the city lights will burn you down or build you up...
High above the ground (x4)

The club is getting dark and I can feel the heat.
I slide my hand right down to right below your knees.
If this is all there is then this is all there can be.
'Cause I don't see no road that leads to you and me.

The paved away on empty roads into a gray of old headstones.
And the path you take might be your own..
But tonight..
You walk on streets of gold. (x4)

Where did you go when the sun rose?
Now i know how to get off these dirt roads..
To find the streets of gold. (x2)

You walk on streets of gold. (x6)
Lyrics submitted by Kirsten.