Stenographer [Demo Version]
by Relient K

I got in a fight with the stenographer
Afterwards she read me like a book
I had tried to get along with her
But my temperament was quickly overlooked

On the weekends we can
Sneak into this courtroom
And you'll offer me
Some sort of bargain plea

Yeah Smith and Weston Junior was a son of a gun
He pressed his nose up to my head
Yeah I was sweatin' bullets but I dodged the one
It was not as much sweat as was lead

Oh I still love you
Oh I still love you even though I know that you want me dead
And when I turn my other cheek
I will beg and I'll plead
At this time you might just kiss it instead

[Repeat: x2]
Cause this my story
And like the glue on the binding I'm sticking to it
If you want to implore me,
Change my tune well I just won't do it
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