Rock N World
by Enuff Z'nuff

Rock N World For those who crave a brand new art,
Living free, so wild at heart.
Who aren't afraid to fall apart,
Who've had it all right from the start.
For all those following their dreams,
Taking far beyond extremes.
It's here or there, no in-betweens,
Who feel they know just what life means.
You can sing, you can dance,
Do your thing,
In a rock 'n' world.
Be a king, make it last,
Anything in a rock 'n' world.

Hurry don't get left behind,
Find yourself and free your mind.
Let your heart and soul unwind,
Make it fit like 69.
Feel the music blast you now,
If you feel it scream and shout.
This is what it's all about,
The new things in the old things out.

Repeat Chorus.

Listen strong to our advice,
The girls are sweet, the weather's nice.
What's in your dreams indeed suffice.
It's so damn cool
I've been there twice!
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written by Znuff, Chip / Vandevelde, Donald
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing