Pop Lock and Drop It [Remix Version]
by Huey

hey, its so beautiful when a plan come together (yep)
its your boy with hits and yal already know what this is
H-U-E-Y with bow wizzy and t-pain (remix)
its comitted
its H-U-E-Y whom fly G-5

by the look of my eyes, she have nice thighs
well her mama gave her groovy low putta major
my pockets flooded with paper born as missouri stater
mommy gonna take low if you can't touch your toes

you and your partner then you can get dollars dang
tricken ain't in my blood but i'ma make it rain
i'm too rich for dollar bills i consider that as change
25's more my range note it that's an odd number

the way that you tootin that thang make the guys wonder
of whats underneather even if its real i'm hopin shes a freak
cause i ain't tryin to chill i'm tryin to get it poppin
with a shawty like mine just willin to drop it low enough to blow my mind

its H-U-E-Z and bow weezy lets see if she can get lower than before
in a remix (remix)


bring that thang up mama make it roll when she
pop lock it for me girl get low
if your mama gave it to ya baby girl let it show
when she pop lock drop for me maybe we can roll (oh)
pop lock and drop it (X8)

hey, what it is they call me bow wizzle
now pop lock drop it for me girl make that thang jiggle
yeah, she moves her hipsjust like Shikira
if she was in a contest she would be the winner

yeah from ohio all the way to sant louis
hey all the girls do it just put your back into it
now shake what she gave ya i'm talkin bout your mama
if you won't do it for me then do it for these dollars

cause i'ma make it rain these other dudes is lame
they talk a good gamebut they can't do the same
now drop it up and downand take it to the ground
if you want to please me

baby all you gotta do is pop lock and drop it
but baby don't stop it
we can do it like chris brown gotta get it poppin
man i'm a pro-look i'm far from a rookie

girl get your prettys over here give me them cookies


yea now let me ask you a question that you never heard
how do you make them dollars disapear like out of here but like in better words
let me introduce my friend thats huey and bow wow
and i'm the pain better known as teddy pinder ass down

i'ma cheat ya but you probably already knew that
but you didn't know i can make you pop lock drop and do that
i understand that i'm the baddest man alive
so lets just bend your knees and do the G-5

(now we fly) yeah you can do it
yeah and now you see me
yeah you wanna be me
yeah you got my city
yeah thats this commity
yeah thats baby huey
yeah thats bow weezy
yeah thats teddy pain

i'ma make you climb a pole
i'ma pay you dependen on
how this money wanna go
and i got it from my mama
i ain't tryin to go broke

if you pop lock drop it for me
i'ma let all this go

bring that thang up mama make it roll when she
pop lock drop it for me girl get low
if your mama gave it to ya baby girl let it show
when she pop lock drop it for me girl maybe we can roll (oh)

eh, i guess that what it is then
it's commited
so so deaf
convic whats up
eh, yal roll with us again (yeah)
Lyrics submitted by Nessie.