Phenomenal World
by Aztec Camera

Born on a junk heap in the sea
Cursed with the notion to be free
White and bright and twenty one
But in my heart Im on the run
I kissed the lips of eau de vie
I tasted sugar and debris
But in the early morning light
I saw the day destroy the night

Life is a long walk home

Was it the moonlight
That left you gasping
Grasping, something, beyond a boy or a girl
Just let it all blow
Untie your heartstrings
No, dont cling to this phenomenal world

I lost my senses in the spring
Of someones life that I left behind
And though I search through everything
A sense of loss is all I find
Her face is every work of art
She haunts the city high and low
But I cant live inside her heart
And so I had to let it go

And make my heart my home
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written by FRAME, RODDY
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