More I Drink
by Blake Shelton

Verse 1: he was sitting at the bar
sipping on a regular coke
we was drinking and smocking
and making him the butt of our jokes.
i said "Man what happened to you,
why cant you just have a few?"
he said I would if I could
But it is probably best that I dont
Cause the more I drank
the more i drank
and im the worlds greatest lover
and a dancing machine
I get loud. I get proud.
and it gets the worst of me.
Well if i have one, I have thirteen.
and there aint no in between
Cause the more i drank, the more i drank

verse2: After a couple of cold ones, somebody hands me a shot.
and even buck-toothed ladies and bullbagaged wemon started looking hot.
pretty soon i am smocking cigerrates, and sweet talking some big brunnets
and once i get in a roll, aint no telling where i will stop
the more i drank the more i drank
and they cant keep off the karioke machine.
ya the more i drank
the more i drank
the more i drank
Lyrics submitted by Ashley.