Mocking Bird Hill
by Burl Ives

When the sun in the morning peeps over the hills
And kisses the roses round my window sill
Then my heart fills with gladness
When I hear the thrill
Of the birds in the tree tops round mocking bird hill

Tra-la-laaah-twill-adee-dee it gives me a thrill
To wake up in the morning round mocking bird hill
Tra-la-laaah-twill-adee-dee theres peace and good will
Your welcome as the flowers round mocking bird hill

Got a 3 cornered plow, and a tinker to till
and a mule that I bought for a 2 dollar bill
Theres a tumbled down shack and a rusty old mill
But its my home sweet home round mocking bird hill

When its late in the evening I climb up the hill
And survey all my kingdom while everythings still
Only me and the sky and an old whiporwill
Singing songs in the twilight on mocking bird hill

Burl Ives
Lyrics submitted by Ray Campbell.