Meeting in My Bedroom
by Silk

2G 2000 watts yeah yeah

There's a meeting in my bedroom
So girl please don't be late
There's a meeting in my bedroom
bedroom bed
So please don't make me wait
There's a meeting in my
There's a meeting in my bedroom

Looking at my Rollie girl I think it's almost time
I hope you're gettin' ready girl and don't forget the wine
Tonight is just for you and I
And it's gonna be so fly
I like having you around
So I gotta put you down
So be there or be square


Step into mi casa
Lay you down
Got a little somethin' somethin'
For my sexy mama mama
Been checkin' for you since day one
You're my moon and you're my sun
Girl you're jiggy and you know
That I'm feeling your steelo
Be there or be square


You're everything that I been searchin' for
And there's no need for me to search no more
Come into my room
I really really really want to lay you down
Come into my room

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