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And they never would come down

Turn around and hold me
I'd like to see your face alone
I'm hoping there's someone home

[Instrumental Acoustic Guitar
keep wearing a paper crown
The silver trail of smoke
from your town
I gaze the skies,
rollin' my eyes
This town rotten
from the inside out
Hold another
calico and the color of a doll
Wave the flag on Cadillac day, and a skillet on the wall
Cut me a switch or hold your breath 'til the sun goes down
Write my
of no body knows 
Where the parson goes, where does the parson go? 


Addition verse performed in live version of this song. 

Raise your
(I am only giving you the original lyrics, here.
There was a revised version for a film, Mississippi Belle, but since the movie
Was never released,
Give me a sign
Give me a reason to hold on
I?m holding on
What is a life
A series of moments all in a line
Just passing by

And so I lay here awake
least expecting 
It to strike
It grabs you by the neck
And takes your soul 
With all its might
The voices haunting me
The fear is here 
Come around
the hip-hop's pumping through the blood in my veins 
Like a junkie, fucking with 'ron and cocaine 
Slay you both down, better hold down or get clowned 
dreams (Never forget your dreams)
Just take it day by day by day by day by day
Day by day by day by day by day by day by
Day by day by day by day by day by
hold me up dear a toast
to the one who poured out my regrets
a call to air, I'll intake one last
I'll follow you home
Don't hold me up if your
singing this song, out version of a John Sebastian song
Darling companion

Darlin' companion, come on and give me understandin'.
And let me be your
Right before my show look at the stage and a hawk sits
My acoustics hit the planets like a poolstick
I bruze ships and cruize lands used by Stan Kubrick
They never said your name 
But I knew just who they meant
I was so surprised and shocked, and I wondered, too
If by chance you heard it for
Popping chicken like skillets
I hold your account like clothes
Oh God you quit it
You don't believe me
Call your bank and go and ask your
one, you better use it
Listen, they pit convoes, see your way out before d jump over e
And if you want by the cheek so play silly, feel a 9 milly
a free and gentle flower growin' wild

And if by chance I should hold her (Hold her)
Let me, let me hold her for a little while
And if I had but one
like swiss
If you ain't hot come like this
Real niggas hold a gun like this
Pop something, one in your leg
Make your ass run like this
Now picture
ain't hot come like this
Real niggas hold a gun like this
Pop something, one in your leg
Make your ass run like this
Now picture that
Defeat rhymes
Let the light flood into your eyes for the first time. 
Feeling the blood course through your veins, finding the truest version of yourself 
fighting was useful for getting your way,
Among the toughs of the town where you could hold sway,
There had to be something that was better than this,
Of violence of love and of sorrow 
I beg for just one more tomorrow 
Where you hold me down fold me in 
Deep deep deep in the heart of your sins
really be surprised 
When it's there before your eyes 
When you hold the knife that carves her 

You live the life that starves her to the bone 
detective to figure out I’m a dick
When I hold my privates to your first clue
Sherlock, prick! Just call me Richard

That’s my motives, jumpin’ out them
surrounded by body guards 
Hoping no one pulls your cord you got me laughing pretty hard 
Thinking you're the white hot man of the hour 
But you just can't
That's the alkaholiks functions, conjunction junction
The remix version for all the brothers out there
That got shit on they chest and just wanna