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love, than you and me
Faster than the speed of gravity 
That's how it catches you from falling
And how it always, always, always slips away

Specters move
Is it hard to wait?
Drawn by your mongrel heart again
If they don't answer, would you want to be found out?
You duck through the wind in your old
're empty, I know you're numb
And you can't function, I know that you're drunk
But Dave I've always felt that you were touched by fate
The thing that gets me
What's the point of feeling love for you
When you don't believe I'm here?
What's the point saying "Rescue me!"
If no one ever hears?
Every time I try
on the record.

I'd written 'You really got me' as tribute to all those great blues people
I love: Leadbelly and Big Bill Broonzy. And Dave was playing the song
child's never been in love

Baby, Culver me
And I'll Culver you
When the streets are shining with the smoggy dew
When the lights are glowing with
Pretty Little Baby
Marvin Gaye
Written by: Clarence Paul/Marvin Gaye/Dave Hamilton

Darling, please stay, don't go away
(If you leave me)
your and god, spare me their love, follow the devil wherever I want
Savior, defeat, thou has forsaken thee, died on the cross for a lie
Your god is
Dave Peverett - Riff Bros. Music - ASCAP

Come back, baby, talk it over again, maybe we can still be friends.
Cross your heart, don't you tell me
[intro: A friend's voicemail to Dave]
Dave, whattup man?
It's me
Umm.. just callin to see, if possible, if you have any
Time today or within
don't know where you should look, so you look at my hands.
How movements rise and then dissolve, melted by our shallow breath.
How causes dance away
tell me girl, what do you like?
'Cause I want to freak you if you don't mind

[Dave] (Jazze)
Actin' like the fool for you tonight
(Act a fool for
LD (Dave): "Actually, you know what"
LD's Mom (Jean): "I don't, I-I will say one thing. I'd rather you sleep in a hotel downtown than sleep at your
Who've told me I'm a homosexual all my life

One stop past Embankment and the coughs begin
Hell hath no fury like an insecure Englishman
You don't need
By the Dave Clark Five
I can see no reason
But you're acting so strange
Now put your trust in me
You should try for a change
And I'll be satisfied

Don't try your magic spells on me
I know you've been crystal gazing
You say your boots are seven league
Where 'er you go, I'll be waiting!
stepping out
Into the roar
Trying to hear that voice

Saying hey
Don’t worry
It’s alright
Don’t worry
Ah now Dave
Don’t worry

Yeah love vandalizing me, yeah

I got hit by the dreamers disease, where by your big ideas
Don't make connection with your buckling knees
And saw the greed and we agreed that it
I'll be alright
Susan you just swallowed the wrong slice!!

[Chorus: x2]

"Yo sue!"

Get away from me, I don't know you
Oh shoot, she's
riff. I thought of a melody to go with the phrase
"Girl, you really got me going
You got me so I don't know what I'm doing"
Then I called Dave in from
in bikini's
Wonder why you don't see me, brothers (yeah)
Should I preach (preach, preach)
Alright, back to the beach
A O-G from the hood
Went down
And before Soundscan, I'm ate by the streets

You - you real funny to me
Like a drag queen with heels and a head full of weave
Talkin about ki's, that you
brother with no date, of expiration
On this fate on the mic, them birthday keep coming
I'm hated on by niggas I love most
So what threat could you
By Dave Chamberlain and Walter Egan

I' m hungry, got a strong appetite
I need you for more than tonight
Like a fever ooo I'm on fire
Put your skin

Don't give me that silent treatment, don't give me that silent treatment,
When you do something bad, it only drives me mad - you do it every time.