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Looked him right in the eye and said, "Boy,
You got to go!
I'm tired of your foolishness
And if you don't behave,
I'm goin' grab you by your
and Jerry Lee
Lightnin' Hopkins, Jimmy Reed
And the machine, it plays for free
Down at the Flat Top Joint
The Flat Top Joint

Folks down there are
are you?
All right, all right
My Swansio, how are you?
Tonight, tonight

I'm gonna paint this town red
And sail the ocean blue
Stay by me, honey,
and it's all you heard

I just whipped up a new Celine
I just whipped up new Maserati truck
Cookin' by the sink with the fire up
Burned down the house
could talk me into anything
And with arms like yours you could hold me all night long
I guess I'll dance the dance, take my chance, a leap of faith
The World Again
Keeping Them To Subservient

I Got The Bad News Swinging
And Everybody's Singing
If You Cook It All Right
Then We'll Be Happy Through
Traditional, arranged
By Arlo Guthrie

Come all you old time cowboys
And listen to my song
Please do not grow weary
I'll not detain you long
man alive
He said I'd give a rib for just somebody to talk to
Well thunder and lightnin' out providin'
You came strollin' by

She said, call me up,
In the kitchen, stove clicking while you looking back
I'm looking too, I look at you like "let me cook in that"
I'm cutting thru while you working
Versace, Versace
All these damn plugs
And young Takeoff I'm the socket
Beat that block, Bernard Hopkins
I got flavor Baskin Robins
I'm fuckin' Kitana, you
Party people, you're the reason we're here
Cuz we love the game and our music is projects
So, so, yo, hello! Makin' sure y'all still there
Party people, you're the reason we're here
'cause we love the game and our music is projects
So, so, yo, hello! makin' sure y'all still there
On stage
Winterlude, winterlude, oh darlin'
Winterlude by the road tonight
Tonight there will be no quarrelin'
Everything is gonna be all right
Oh, I see
Well he blew right in, sat right down
And rolled himself a righteous smoke.
He lit his roach with a lightnin' bolt,
He took a toke and spoke.
Said he
blowin' and lightnin' flashed about,
I thought someone was calling me I thought I heard a shout.

Then at that moment lightning struck not twenty yards
more, a little more

I know I could learn if you showed me how
I'd put on the apron, start right now
I'd measure the spices, do all the prep
a time when a black man
Couldn't be down wit' your crew (Can I have a job please?)
Now you want all the help you can get
Scared? Well ain't that true
the east
I was empty-headed but my heart was full of love

I was on the mountain
Lightnin' all around
All I's lookin' for was Julia

The more you need
Right on time for the heroes-hustler's convention
It's no admission, you gotta be on the list
Play your position, peon, against the metal fist
buckaroos knew what was to come

They're runnin' boys, they're runnin'
You all go run along
Don't try to turn 'em back 'til they tire
Just let
Hail the new puritan
Maelstrom, cook one 
And all hard-core fiends
Will die by me 

And all decadent sins 
Will reap discipline 
New puritan
you dance all night long.

Front to the back left to the right
Who came here to get fucked tonight
By Mickey Avalon high as a kite
Lipstick red
now and then ol' Willie would grin and say
'Hey you play alright' (and that made me feel so good)

I remember the best times of all when Saturday came
a dick head, not dildo

I chill though, pippin' in the Range
All this icin' I'm ashamed, look like lightnin' in the chain
Who was first that moved with
at the malls with her friends
Material girl, living in a material world
But it's all right cause it's Saturday night
So mister funkmaster, pump the bee gees