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because of what a d*ck did
Do you like this position, do you like this position
Do the sh*t you sipping get you interested in kissing women
Is it f*ck
lifestyle fancy
But she can't love two niggas at the same time, can she?

You the sh-t how could he leave you alone 
Lil momma I just wanna give ya
Called me up on a Friday night
Cause she knew you'd be out with ya girls
Said she always thought that I was fly
Me and her should maybe take
the choppa, watch ‘em ball up
Paint your face red, your all dolled up
Yeah, Young Nino n-gga,
I do it for my team Tim Tebow n-gga
I’m killing this sh-t grim
happy that I`m rid of this fucked up life
Yeah, and now you see you can`t handle me
I give a shout to Tonel and the Ruthless Fucking Family.

Was just a preview
This is the love scene part to
The sequel gets ready
Ooo baby O baby baby
Let?s make a DVD
Watch it over and over and over and over
I'm like the East coast number one playboy B
Hugh Hefner'll tell you he don't got sh_t on me
The feds watch me, icy they can't stop me
a pinprick
Cancer conflict
Engage, dismiss
Close call, near miss
I can't take this
I can't take this

The more we change
Everything stays
hurt you baby
I'll make it up to you
I can't say I haven't done any wrong
Let him without sin
Cast the first stone


Giddy-up, giddy-up

You must be pre-sistance in mass resistance
Love thy enemy and make this commitment
To engage in struggle, with a clench fist lift it
Be true
did exist
I would still be holding you like this
All those fairy tales are full of sh*t
One more stupid love song I'll be sick

You turned your
I wanted to end up with more now
I should have just stayed in bed like I know how

So I failed on the DVD
But I still had to get the money
will make you crazy baby
Here to make you hazy baby
Blunt to the real ones and the faking
Sooner or later you?re shaking
Doing the most, fin to torn
Now I'm known by the masses
'Cause I've grown to make them smashes
On this journey, did many back flips
To get your attention, now that I caught
Stronger faster new and improved if you want to compete
(check it out)
'Till the next vest thing makes you obsolete
Stay up to speed with technology or you
Drop the bass!
(Do you like that?)

Sh!t piled up to your knees
Her old man thinks you're a social disease
Dog pissed on the floor left a stain

(Aaah Ah) Hold up I ain't finished yet
On top but you just don't get it yet
I don't get cut
I make 'em cut the check
Can't hear me in
But it's the one who makes it to the end
So go on and confess up your debt is paid
And go and clean the mess up that you made
It's not a license
Keep your mind be strong
you can't be to impatient
the government is hatin
them sticker boards is waitn by your ride
you tired of the way that life is
And I'll miss my friends 

I'm distracted by this ambient night, memories bite 
Sitting where the rain and pavement fight 
I never meant to make
eat ya food up, boo
I could bust your 8, I'ma do one too, f*ck ya gon' do?
I want you to make bucks, I'm a look-right n*gga, bet ya do want to f*ck,
Yeah! ay yo, this ya boy p troy right, and this joint right here is for all dem ni**az, comin' to shows, We crank that thang up, Ya'll already know
Can't you see potential you have and what you dreamed if it's not based in reality
And your denial is a tragedy
And your excuses backed up by love can
over by them bitches
A quick lil something can't get the back
I don't know where I left my hand mirror type of dillemas will never hinder my jet living
Bring that beat back
That's what's up

[verse 2]
Feedback from truly
Gotta think outta this
Box of hard knocks
Lined em up at fort knox
To die