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You want to dance?
Ha, I'm a make you dance
You want to move?
Ha, I'm a make you move
Dru Hill come on

I got this feeling
I can't turn it
the radio handle the truth? Nope
Uncut, no edits, no censors
You can get a plastic rapper from any old dispenser
A penny a yard, to make a record ain't
for life 
I took in your kids did everything that you wanted me too
Heard about frontin' on radio and the fuse
Don't make me feel good to lie, even
I really like
What'd he say
Yeah, right
Pretty good, huh
Yeah, I'm proud to be a part of this number

Successful hills are here to stay
Yeah, I'm proud to be a part of this number 
Successful hills are here to stay, 
Everything must be this way 
Gentle streets where people play,
[Akir:] Yo tech, it's the last call baby it's good
[Immortal Technique:] Yeah, you know a remix just feels right dog?
[Akir:] Before we get
forty ounce over the hill
Kickin' freestyles, stumblin' words have you wonderin'
I rock your mics, til your spotlights are tan underin'
Van Nuys,
I swing, on you fake, radio personalities
Boost ya ratings, but hypes behind casualties
Fire shots, for low-pressure water gun play
Motherf***in' T.R.U. 
Soldier til I die, f*** it I won't cry 

Look my ENEMY, in the eye 
F*** every n**** that ain't real, cause we bout it 
And if I have
Frankie Crocker or Lamarr Renee
'Cause both of them are radio DJ's
Otis Redding be sittin by the dock of the bay
I'm bound to wreck your body
on the mic to my sisters and brothers
Every time you listen to the radio
All you hear is nonsense, they never play the bomb shit
Everything that glitters
heavenly divine 
The truth brings out  the temper in my spine 
A Hill sound again  feelin' symptoms that bit me 
I feel for you victims  with everything