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Hey yo when this first started off it was just Linkin Park...
Then in the middle came Motion Man...
And at the end of it all it was Kutmasta Kut wit
standin' on solid ground 
Still be sinkin' submerging and the parks 
Still be Linkin' pluck beef when its starts, fuck what your thinking, its not a mirage
[parody of In the End, by Linkin Park]

It starts with love
Young thing -- I don't know why
You didn't read the letter our Lord supplied
with or without an accomplice
And run the gauntlet with whoever that wants this

High voltage
The unforgettable sound
High voltage
Bringin you up
on their faces
It speaks of profound inner peace
Ask where they're going
They'll tell you nowhere
They've taken a lifetime lease
On Paisley Park
Down at the ball park
And you know there's that song
He's a sitting in a corner down by the ???
Oh, it's all down at the ball park
Ohhh down
Three, four

Chk uhh
Chk uhh

I'm the W-i, double-l-i-am 
Linkin' up with the Primo, do it (do it) 
He's the T-to-the-a-to-the-b-oh-oh
You don't know by now
To take me down
Take me down

You don't know by now
To take me down
Take me down


You don't know by now

Peace, I'm out, golden globe rapper low-keyin 

[La The Darkman, (12 O'Clock)] 

Yo, Cuban linkin, lampin at the park here drinkin
of a Down,
Fell asleep in Linkin's Park and woke up in Marcy's Playground.
Sniffing White Stripes with a Seven Nation Army,
Waiting for Marilyn Manson to egg
we're rockin
And we make another record if we're not number one 
And we're motivated by something they could never hope to understand
You see I'm lazy
up and takin' you down
High voltage
Comin at you from every side
High voltage
Making the rhythm and rhyme collide
Linkin Park [being scratched
They sell posters of girls washing cars and unicorns and stars
Guns and roses album covers 
They've got most of the barney dvds coffee mugs and tee's
went straight to college. 

Well Tom?s a pop culture primate with the IQ of a fetus, 
Social IQ twenty-five; you know that I mean this. 
Between his
the federales roll up
Basketball shorts with the Gonzales Park odor
We on the mission for bad bitches and trouble
I hope the universe love you today
it's gon' burn you
I'm with the homies right now

Me and my niggas four deep in a white Toyota
A quarter tank of gas, one pistol, and orange soda
a blue refrigerator, satellite and DVDs
A cozy little couch and Motorola TV
She loved to watch those pretty boys with California style
Like a jealous

Peace, I'm out, golden globe rapper low-keyin 

[La The Darkman, (12 O'Clock)] 

Yo, Cuban linkin, lampin at the park here drinkin
Down in the park where the machmen meet
The machine and play kill by numbers
Down in the park with a friend called five
I was in a car crash or was
on the couch, at 106 & Park
I can see your beauty, on the big screen
I can see me freaking you, with whip cream
I can see you on stage, at the awards
Taking you home to the crib, in the Chi
And everytime I see your thighs, I cry when I drive by
Watching you should be a thrill, got the fellas
Down in the park
Where the machmen
Meet the machines
And play 'Kill by numbers'
Down in the park
With a friend called 'Five' 

I was in a car
I?ll go with the flow
What we did last night
Was beautiful
Now let?s go from beautiful to unbelievable
Ooo baby O baby
Let?s make a DVD
Watch it over
put his favorite records on
Innerparty and Linkin Park
He'd close his eyes and he'd sing along
But he'd never make it on his own
It's not the time

There's nothing as fun
As coming untied
And running with the kids
In the park park park park
There's nothing that's hurt
Like letting you go