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[All by I Self Divine]

[Chorus 1]
China white, crystal meth, angel dust, percaset, cocaine, morphine, PCP
Hash, opium, prozac, special K, Xanax,
It ain't Indonesia, China White 
Purple-Haired Thai, Big H Delight 
Take my shit we gon' have to fight 
I'm always rollin' dirty so be actin'
or hemp wit China
I'm not a bitch on the strip sellin' vagina.
(Come on, come on)

Verse 1 *(Yukmouth)*
Nigga I'm always into somethin'
If I can't
to know the real deal?
I'll freestyle and smack you in your grill
Bomb lyrics, no special effects or gimmicks
The Syndicate will put you in the mix -
Patiently watchin waitin for a come up 
Get your spot took, we rob land like white man 
Plans to overthrow your whole shit by shaking your hand
white mixed wit backin' soda
Ya hear me!

Fuckin' crack heads
And this is just mix tape shit you fucking morons
This ain't brains over
_Got it Made_ like Special Ed 
Got more _Vapors_ than BizMarkie ever had 
After _Dead Presidents_ like Eric B. 
_Hypnotize_ the rap industry like
cities with large moons
Faith healers, ex-female drug dealers and art booms
Apologize for my weird mix
What taste like hot dogs and tear drips
And looks
bartenders mix liquor
I serve you over the rocks, I feed you to my flock, now time to click triggers
Manslaughter in alphabetical order for four quarters
she better hope, that you better mind
mix me over my, debt (left,let?) be wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide! (whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!) 

Submitted by
to chrome gats
Levis to Guess jeans, black and white to big screens
Six by nine to 18's, Bumsalack to sipping lean
Regals with white walls, 20 inch with
fuck by your system, that's evident
Puts bullets in a brother at a club back to ignorent
Special shouts to big boomer, personal autograph
And shouts
I don't give a fuck, though
Hand me a Dixie cup and a Red Bull
And I'mma mix it up with something special to make ya head go
Ooo wee ooo wee,