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tip toe
Now tip toe
Now tip toe

Don't take nobody with you to my house
If anybody see you then our secret gon' be out
Don't let nobody catch you by my
nigga, attackin' ya. 
These 4-5 hollow tips will have you backin' up. 
I only do my dirt at night like dracula. 
I'm wanted by the feds, these
Hollow like my soul

You think that you'll get by 
You will die 
You will cry 
When you think that you'll survive 
Just don't try 
heap, others find disease 
Some find it harder just to live when they can die with ease. 

The least of these is hungry. 
The least of these is sick.
freeze and drop when Lil Wheezy cock
And niggas be like Q-Tip 'cause they breath and stop
Believe or not, the ki's ten G's a wat
Until I die apple
nigga, attackin' ya. 
These 4-5 hollow tips will have you backin' up. 
I only do my dirt at night like dracula. 
I'm wanted by the feds, these
When I get the blues gonna give me a rockin' chair
When I get the blues gonna give me a rockin' chair
When the blues overtake, gonna rock rock away
I live?
Tell me...damn...!!

(Verse 2):
What is life and just how long will it last?
Will you be happy and satisfied when you've passed?
Will you die
get along
But I think she gets off when I come on strong
So tip that waitress

Tip that waitress, she's been waiting on you
Skip the small change
And watch the shore by the rising tide now the whole world can see me
When they get foul that's when my style gets wild
I hang a man in front of a crowd
when I romp in the rain
Draw black scars on the new gym floor
Pimps like to wear 'em when they kick them whores
This is it baby, big shiny black boots
realized your life is flying by and you're not ready to die (tell what did I find)
You take a hit you rose and from the hip explode the hollow tip homey
Tryin' to kill us somethin'
Vacate the facilities when we bailin up in yo' shit
Cause the pistol grips
Make bigger holes then them fuckin' hollow tips
Yeah, it's 50
One shot, one kill, what's the deal
Yeah, what's the deal

Listen lil' homie, when it rains it pours
Hollow tips and tallids, when
Andre I'm gonna kill em' like Big Boi
These rappers is all my entrée
Eat em' like cookies, chips ahoy
Eat, enjoy, when I get annoyed
Know a couple
As he crashes down
No-one stops to look
When he hits the ground

We're the nouveaux rich
On a one way tip
Living out on a razor's edge
Just to get
you brother
A tinted hearse is what most men leave in
Followed by a limo full of family and close friends greaving
When you pull the marijuana
I ain't gotta a clip full a hollow tips to put in these jerks
I might as well put in the work
Spit em up outta herre and get em up outta here
I got
twisted up I got hollow tips extended clips 
Major chips lookin' at Eclipse jacuzzi dips 
Niggas step back I don't know you 
Don't get to close to me
will we open up the eyes of the dead
When we are hollow, hollow

And all along here I was told
By fallen men in their charade
That we could find
should get at
If you got a problem

When those hollow tips hit 'em man that should solve 'em
We got the lugers with rugers and m1s and they all for sale
gone make your ass drop
M.I.G. with chain reactions severe when you step to me
blasting at you suckers hollow points will cause a trajedy
If you want
I do"? you say
"its just another day
In the life of apes with ego trips!"
Put down your hollow tips
And kiss your lovers lips
And know that fate is
And found these words to be his last requestâ?¦

When my time draws nigh stay near me
And when I die will you dance to my song
When I'm gone won't
outside of her door
Different day, same s***, old mac, new clip
Thirty two hollow tips, gloves, no rubber grip

I'm a boss, but n****s never show no