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I'm glad I weren't no pioneer
Ridin' in a wagon 'cross, The Great Frontier
I'm playin' by candlelight, power's out here
And I can't watch T.V.

along the way we made different choices you know, I still have your killing joke tapes and your psychic tv t-shirt why don't you come by some day and pick
One by one I'm puttin' 'em in they places 
On a first come, first serve basis 

West coast rock! We rock steady! West coast rock! 
Buses to first
Lost his money but he kept his hair
He found power and peace in the TV lenses
Live studio audiences

Wear Your Best
Like an unemployed televangelist
Now, it was just like Frankie and Johnny
And it was just like Stagger Lee
Dolly Summers was a simple girl 
From a mid-west family
With a stucco
I am the god of fuck! I am the god of fuck! 
Virgins sold in quantity  herded by heredity 
Red neck burn out mid west mind  "who said date rape
about that alluminati stuff, some new world order
Some psychic hotlines or
Let's give her the call see what's up

Hello, my psychic
One night in the West Virginia mountains I got stranded in the deepening snow
I found important house and took a small room no TV magazines or radio
in bumpers, chrome and grille
Leather seats, stitch and tuck, TV screens and wooded wheels

That candy paint, 84's, built in bumpers, chrome and grille
who live by the sea? 

Back on the ranch and everything's normal
Beach blanket bingo comes on the TV
We talk in our sleep and then the next morning
On the telephone
On the message board
On the toilet wall
Telemarket poll
By sign language
By a pigeon carriage
By pressing red
Fastest thumbs
London on day of lunacy
Was packed with innocents
Children tended by walkman'd parents
Cretins auditioning
For non-existent parts on TV One
The train
It's appropriate we go get soaking wet
Toast, we met, become close associates
The place is ours by now I can embrace your style
So much flavor I can
[Erick Sermon]
Part one, the mastermind begins upon a quest
Gettin stupid -- shootin rhymes like arrows shot by Cupid
Ahh, you so
I am a computer and I dance like metronome
I am now invading through the TV in your home
But you won't see me as I make you a code jerk
I am
After thirty five years the grass still don't grow in that rock hard west Texas ground
Where my old dad still clings to that old coyote town
Like horses
How the great have fallen
See how life has passed them by
Was anybody looking at the crystal ball
When his star was on the rise?

Stuffing his
by ya charm and ya arm
But I'm looking for the one
Have you seen her
My psychic told me she have a ass like Serena
Trina, Jennifer Lopez, four kids
Now you never know when it's your time
It's always there in the back of your mind
Read it in the paper, see it on TV
You never think it could
I'm gonna sleep by myself tonight
Kiss the world good night
We just hit mile three thousand thirty three 
We're heading west on interstate eighty,
I was living out in West Hollywood when a Hollywood strangler was strangling women. Every night there was a panel discussion on TV about
f**k with that Hemi
I gotta Cutlass 350 will leave your ass by a distance

You ain't customly did it or oringally interior
Your like them West side
They sat and watched TV
On their RCA.

Borrowed from HFC,
Bought some AT&T,
And on election day, worked for JFK.

Then they went and got
They sat and watched TV
On their RCA.

Borrowed from HFC,
Bought some AT&T,
And on election day, worked for JFK.

Then they went and got
Well you can dance on tv with your diamonds on
Sing in tune for a world that is going for a song
Get the steps all right but the words go wrong