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She's the creator of the Terminator - 9th Prince, rhyme slayer
Stayed in ten housing projects, razors, machine gun blazes
at'cha neighbors - Jamaican rum,
to 9th grade
Take me back to 9th grade shit, yeah

Just like the 80s films
We'll hook up in my back seat and let my best friend drive
Just like
Death team motions are calm like the ocean
9th Prince Golden Child Was Chosen
Was the warrior slogan
Back to the future my father was killed by Lucifer
Hit makin', hit breakin'
Party shakin', innovator
Groundbreakin', sole creator
We be the most anticipated

Down to the 9th inning
I'm the real
ass into stone like Medusa
Nighttime addition when I vision, MC's are prisoners
And stage is the prison, 9th Prince the warden
Mind is made of platinum,
Xerox the style
Then that's infringin' on my copy, right?

It's the bottom of the 9th with no extra innings
And we all in the game tryin' to collect our
It's all real over here

Killa Sin, 9th Prince, what

We don't give a fuck

what a prick, attitude matches wardrobe, uglier then sin.

This is Bed Stuy 82'
9th floor three tiny rooms one view.
Buck-town, Roosevelt house
Rza, star trek voyager, killah hill side strangler
Captured you in inside thirty-six gas chambers
North American, Arabian, high ? Indian

9th prince
Eh-yo, eh-yo
9th Prince, attack like Greg Valentine
With a sledgehammer, figure 4 bodyslammer
Decrease ya stamina, verbal heart damager
I'm half
I keep it 100 if you keep it 100
Real recognize real, we might get through something
Shout out to LA, shout out to Inglewood
Up at Crenshaw 9th
bus passes
Young girls giving birth before they hit the 9th grade
About to be a mom and can't even make cool-Aid
Who made this crack anyway?
Told this
positioned just right. Just like that 9th grade footy heard, straight from the philly burbs. feel me? Pretty sure. Suburban threat was the name, we would
[9th Prince]
Yoaw! I'm 'bout to torture the phone, the phone piece
Leave it deceased, six feet deep
The 9th Prizm, Mad Mizm, get up in 'em

Bentley, 9th Prince will decease, made of Ginseng
Seen it? It's real, liver than chase Manhatten
Word on Staten I was clappin with the Captain
My style is
my life is like a field trip
Where we stayin' tonight? Am I playing it right?
And can I knock it out of the park like late in the 9th
Cause everyone
Love song, aha
9th wonder, come on
It ain't cool to make a love song, love song
They looking at me like there's something wrong
This ain't a song
the enemy, AWW!)
Fuck that..

[9th Prince]
Yo, yo, sorid comics, swallow rhyme toxics
Psychotic logic, insane explosives like bottle rockets
The 9th Prince
told you niggaz 9 albums, stop fuckin' with me
I done told you niggaz the 9 on me, stop fuckin' with me
You niggaz must got 9 lives, 9th wonder

you niggas
9 albums, stop fucking with me
I done told you niggas
The 9 on me, stop fucking with me
You niggas must got 9 lives
9th wonder

Put that
told you niggas
9 albums, stop fucking with me
I done told you niggas
The 9 on me, stop fucking with me
You niggas must got 9 lives
9th wonder
and the stereotypes
Throw this in your stereo, this is my life
When a day's so dark you would swear it was night
9th came with the beat to help me carry the light
signed our deal
I was three years young, now I'm five plus some
Write, to the beat of 9th's wonderful drum
Overhung by the snare and the bassline
For the street heads
That's that nigga from the Sunz of Man right there
Eh yo, I'm feelin that cat
I gotta drink to this here
Hell Razah, 9th
the record that the radio could play
And I was strikin' out for months, 9th inning feeling fear
Jeter under pressure, made the biggest hit of my career