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And catch a—catch a nigga world wide
A fuckin' mob figga West coast, who-ride
When we rob niggas money make my squad bigger
But we ain't sell our souls
niggas takin' off like a spaceship
Pace those to Euros, eatin' those green and great chips
Get 'em by the bag, you can say we Feedo Lay chips
I'm so
Mynotti on New, fuck your crew
This type of shit I do for a petty hobby
Fuck the world it's Fatal dog against everybody

M.O.B., nigga 'cause we mob
Infamous mob nigga
IM three's the squad
Infamous mob and we won't stop
'Till your head goes pop

We them original mob men
Get lead lodged in
We them
they polluted the future
Got me thinking of a new thing
Computer souls, controlled by confusion
You be clubbin', while the world
over comes yo strategies
Try to make a mob out of peas
I can ride on you wit Money-T and an amount of cheese
Plus I had a lot of bud in 'em
I get mad
a hero, you nothin' but a zero
A nigga for the people, where ever they go we go

[Doughboy, Verse 3]

See this boy in this bitch gonna ape shit
Glitch Mob
stitch, to me they soundin bitch
In my sounds the glitch of hatred, for cats who ain't make it
I'ma give it, as far as you can take it
Tried to take
"Lench Mob.."
	"Civilize a 85er" -> Grand Puba
Come again, huh
	"Lench Mob.."
	"Now we come to the pay-off"
	"Lench Mob.."
And here we go with verse one,
now I'm settin up, the ultimate drive-by
And when you hear this shit
It make the world say "DAMN!", "I wanna kill Sam"

"Do the niggas run this
the sorrow
And how can you mend a broken heart?
How can you stop the rain from falling down?
How can you stop the sun from shining?
What makes the world go

Yes we'll turn the world around the other way
Back it up and stop on yesterday
Just take my hand together we can
Turn the world around the other
will you stand in by my side

We'll turn the world around the other way
Back to where it started yesterday
Just take my hand, together
We can turn
that's where the Lench Mob dwell
Hittin fools up with the big ass L
One time can't hold me back
Sweatshirt, khakis and crokersacs
Stop givin' juice
refuse to be defeated
Competition's depleated 'cause my rhyme's so heated
And you can't fuck with me, ya need to stop fakin
I'm workin on my sixth CD
won't graze ya
We hug corners, play blocks like Gators
With bundles on us, serve tre's like waiters
It's the life we chose to hustle
Can't stop it,
Experience like Hendrix, keep my sound enriched
Cats ask about my stitch, to me they soundin' bitch

In my sounds the glitch of hatred for cats who ain't make
some gangsta shit
Outkast, Goodie Mob and the Dungeon clique
Do you really wanna know about some gangsta shit
Dirty South nigga we straight gangsta
we the dawg
We mob type shit when we guiling we blast
As the job and then we dump him and slide him

Chorus: Daz
Its just the street life
and little banker
Punk mothafucka, bust a bank mothafucka, yeah nigga
We can go heads nigga you bitches be hatin' nigga
Heard what I said nigga, lend me some
stitch, to me they soundin bitch
In my sounds the glitch of hatred, for cats who ain't make it
I'ma give it, as far as you can take it
Tried to take
family gotta maintain, it's a mobster thang

I'm gonna make it through this New World Order if I gotta be rappin' and robbin'
You can't stop
Kiss my fist
Stop at nothing
A steaming swamp
And a troubled heart
The sky is red
And I can't stop running
Her baby stares
The secret's
I can?t breath
I slap a clip in my ruger let the trigger squeeze
Illegitimate Ritalin look its baby Ben
Life hanging by the thread of his foreskin
Suicide, it's a suicide...

Retaliation is a must
Leavin' opposition in the dust
In mob we trust, fuckin' with us gon' get your bust